Friday, May 21, 2010

London To Massachusetts To Florida

Thanks To The Lidgley's
I met with Nina at about 8 o'clock, persuant to our agreement to meet at 7 'o clock this evening.
I suppose that she might be running on Russian time and was actually 9 hours early.
Karrie came along, ostensibly to meet Nina, but also privy to the knowledge that Nina was to give me money, as per our agreement.
Karrie, who had risen from the ashes of sleeping all morning with an empty vodka bottle laying by her head, had somehow procured a 4 pack of beer, of which 2 remained.
She said that she had run into my friend Doug, who had "drooled all over me," and given her "a couple of bucks."
While I waited for the hour to change to 7 'o clock in Moscow, Karrie became overly amorous, rubbing my shoulders, nibbling my ears and licking me like a dog.
It was hard for me to push out of my mind the thought that it might have been related to the money which I was about to recieve.
Nina showed up and gave me $125 dollars. This was significant to me because of the fact that the sum was comprised of every denomination of cash, down to a five dollar bill. This made it seem like she had scraped it together, and maybe even given me every last cent that she had. 100 dollar bills don't send this same message.
Karrie was almost comatose by the time 8 'o clock and Nina rolled along. She didn't perhaps make a grand impression upon Nina, who had already read some of her incoherent letters from jail.
Nina gave me the money and then I went to the Chinese restaurant for some simple white rice. Karrie was by my side, step for step.
I bought the white rice, which I always buy from that place, having allergies to soy and other constituants of their fare. I could almost read in Karrie's face a bafflement over why I didn't just "throw down" and order the most expensive feast available, sharing it with her, of course.
I don't change my ways, just because I have a little bit of money in my pocket. I don't go "hog-wild" and wake up broke the next day like the likes of Karrie, who figures that she can just go out and get more money the next day, like ringing a bell (to quote Chuck Berry) I digress
The Lidgley's Package Arrives
I rode off, after sharing my white rice with Karrie, and telling her that I was going to come here to the internet cafe and update my blog. I basically insinuated that I didn't need her tagging along.
As I rode away a few yards, I heard Karrie calling to me. I turned to see her bike laying on the ground in front of a stationary car. She was just struck by a car, I thought.
I returned to see that the driver of the car was none other than Nina, who presented me with a parcel, containing the Grateful Dead tee shirt which the Lidgley's had sent to my mom in Massachusetts, and which was forwarded to Florida. What a world tour that shirt has taken!! London to Mass. to Florida!
The package also contained what I was on my way to get: coffee and cigarettes.
I look at this as an omen, telling me that I will tour the world playing Grateful Dead music and will never have to worry about coffee and cigarettes.
When Nina handed me the package, she whispered. "Daniel, this girl...she needs rehab, she is sick. She is a big risk to you. You need to leave her. She is no good for you."
This was Nina's first time meeting Karrie, and her "gut" reaction.
Nina has my best interests in mind and always has.
She didn't have to give me money, but she did because she had promised. She hugged me and as she did, I told her in Russian "Ti harowsha gzenshina" which means, you are a fine woman. She laughed.
She understood then that my experiences with her meant enough for me to have retained the Russian language which I had learned.
Now, What do I do about Karrie.
How can I avoid her crying like a baby and making me feel like I am the only man that could every love her???? When I leave her behind...

Savannah Strikes Out

We will not strike out for Savannah, Georgia, because Savannah has struck out.
A THIRD person has disparaged the virtues of the place, this one, a "rainbow" person, who has travelled the nation. He knew all about how crappy Ocala was, and how the cops were. He knew all about St. Augustine, and how the cops are. He even gave a pretty accurate assessment of Jacksonville, and how the cops are.
Going Mobile
He suggested that I/we go to Mobile, Alabama.
Gosh, in all my life, I never considered, nor even though about living in Alabama....
He spoke in glowing terms about the place. Being a rainbow person, he would be extolling the benefits of the place, pertinent to us campers and squatters, as rainbow people are migrant themselves.
It looks like we are going to Mobile, Alabama.
The Question of Karrie
Karrie, whom I refer to affectionately as "my burro," is an ally in the lifestyle in which we are living now. But, if I aspire to move "up" in the world, I can foresee her turning from gold into lead.

"It's hard to run with the weight of gold, but it's also hard with the
weight of lead"

In the past couple of weeks, she has completely notched off the entire checklist of things that annoy me.

  • Eating all the food

  • talking my ears off

  • distracting me from my immediate goals for a given day

  • wetting the bed

  • ruining the pasta

  • running my lighter out of fluid in inept attempts to light impossible fires

  • spilling beer in the tent

  • leaving the tent door unzipped, so that we wake up in a zoological-quality exhibit of insects, crickets, daddy-long-legs and arachnids

  • attracting unwanted attention to the campsite by leaving her bike leaning against the side of the office building where our path emerges

throwing up a lot, but not in the tent, yet.

Well, I guess that redeems her...

I meet Nina tonight to hopefully get the money to get out of here....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Somehow I love Her

Then, we went back to Jacksonville.
Karrie wet the bed that first night, her having overdone it with the liquor that she was magically able to procure. She had come up with a bottle of Triple Sec, out of nowhere.
What the hell would a girl who had been locked up for 88 days want with a bottle of liquor?
It was the same old thing.
She pissed the bed that night, having not drank for 4 months.
She woke up and ate all the food the next day.
Karrie was home.