Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pineapple Juice Today??

I drank a lot of apple juice last night.
Today, I will drink more juice. I am thinking about pineapple, even though it is a little absorbantly priced at $2.78 per half gallon.
This morning I woke up and set myself to the task of gathering up all the clothes which I intend to wash, down at Cooper's Park. I will wear them damp, as it will be in the 70's this evening; they will dry.
I have been sleeping in the graveyard, these first three nights of freedom.
The first day out, I ate a lot of plums.
The second day, I had some mixed nuts, a pickle and some salsa, all mixed together. I needed that.
Today, it has been juice so far. I started a batch of honey mead, by placing spring water with a measure of honey, along with raisins, inside a bottle. I will allow it to ferment and will have a healthy alternative to cheap beer in about two weeks.
Parcel Arrives
Upon being released from jail, and retrieving my guitar and pack, I made my way to the Dauphin Market. On my way there, I found a dollar laying on the sidewalk, near a tattoo shop. I bought one beer and drank it in Bienville Park.
Then, upon impulse, I called Jeff the Potter, who informed me that a package had arrived from London in general, and the Lidgeleys more specifically.
The package was right on time, with cigarettes, and some cash; and the mosquito repellant became necessary, as it seems that the mosquitos chose some time in April to come out of hibernation.
Hangout Music Festival
There is a music festival coming to Gulf Shores, which is about 35 miles away, next week.
It starts on May 20th and goes for three days.
I plan upon being there and getting there by hitch hiking.
And so it came to pass that there was an artwalk, and that the event produced a little bit of fruit, as a result of my laboring with the rust, which I acquired while sitting for 32 days in the Metro Jail.
I have been released, all charges dropped, and should I sue someone??

Friday, May 13, 2011

Quest For Gold

...And so it came to pass that the sun did rise; raising along with it the temperature of the air. There was humidity, hanging like a ghost, which had just exurted itself, and was sweaty.
The Wilson Thing
My mind was immediately put to the task of dealing with business matters. There was the "Wilson" thing.
The Wilson thing is a thing whereby I send money into the jail to be deposited into the account of a friend of mine. This friend will make a deal with Mr. Wilson, whereby that worthy will reimburse me, upon his being released from jail, with an amount somewhere around 200 percent of the value of the money sent into the jail.
I could not send the money dirctly to Mr. Wilson, as it would be severely taxed by tlhe institution as payment for services rendered to Mr. Wilson by the medical staff of the jail. Mr. W. had a lot of ointments, creams, pills and snake oils in his drawer, all at an expense which set the poor man into arrears with the first cent charged to him.
Mr. Wilson recieves money from the Social Security Administration, to the sum of 958 good American dollars each month. He is going to get about 27,000 dollars upon being released this coming June from his 30+ month long confinement.
It would be easy for the man to pay me for providing him with the means to buy coffee and Moon Pies, when otherwise there would be no way for him to buy coffee and Moon Pies. He could reward me hansomely in my eyes, while hardly denting his stash, in his.
And so, this is the first business plan.
The other involves the sum of food stamp money which had accrued in my own account as I sat for 32 days, reading the scriptures and watching Everyone Loves Raymond on the television.
I have an "extra" 200 bucks to throw around, and, though the market is rough, with people offering only 130 dollars for 200 dollars worth of food, I have made arrangements to liquidate some food, in exchange for the cash to get the duffel bag, which I have been wanting to get, and to try to purchase a bicycle, which I may even ride to Gulf Shores for the music festival, this coming 20th of May.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Free To Play An E Major 7th Chord...

This is myself, 39 days before being thrown in jail for 32 days.
I am out now, charges dismissed, all one great misunderstanding; which is ironic since one of my goals is to promote "Greater Understanding."