Saturday, May 6, 2017

Kratom With Apple Juice

I was up Friday morning, after having played and made 63 bucks Thursday night. I was having trouble getting to sleep, despite knowing that I would thank myself for getting in at least 8 between busking sessions.
Kratom Seeds (impossible to buy online, so far)

I have settled in to the discipline of "play-sleep-play" as being the regimen for at least one of the weekend nights, with myself hoping out of bed and immediately proceeding to pack up for the journey back to the Lilly Pad.

This is usually a result of myself having tried to read a newspaper or a book or mess around with something musically until it was about 8 hours before the time to go back out and play, and I would force myself to lie down and sleep.

But, Friday morning, it wasn't working. I could blame on the mitragyna speciosa leaves that I had eaten a full 12 hours earlier the fact that at 9 AM, after having been up since my return from busking at about 2 AM, perpetuating the juice fast by drinking only apple juice, reading the newspaper, some of a Wallace Stegner book ("Crossing To Safety") writing the previous blog post, posting it, and then riding my bike down to the Ideal Market for a couple of mangos, and, of course apple juice.

I know that the book I read about juice fasting and cleansing in particular ("Dr. Christopher's 3 Fast And Cleanse And Mucous Free Diet") bore the instructions to consume juice alone during the first 3 days of the fast, no mangoes, and even to stick to just one kind of juice. Apple is recommended.

With other juices one runs certain risks, such as the blistering of lips as a result of trying to go 3 days on citrus juice alone. There is also a potentially prohibitive cost that comes with the purchase of 3 gallons of say, black cherry juice, which is typically sold by the small, expensive (but usually kind of cute) bottle, at what turns out to be almost $40 per gallon. $120 for a three day juice fast? I don't spend that much on food in a week when I'm not fasting. Hell, I could almost take a trip to Massachusetts for that kind of money....

Speaking of which; I am sitting at the Starbucks on Canal and St. Charles and it is 5:30 PM., and I am planning upon going to the Lilly Pad shortly after I hit "publish" and send this off...

And, after I take the rest of the mitragyna specioca capsules that I have left from 2 days ago.

After finally having gone to sleep Friday, setting my alarm 4 hours ahead so as to wake up at 8 PM, hoping to be at the Lilly Pad by 9 PM, I woke up dead tired when it went off. It was the dragging kind of tired that a body uses to tell you that, it would really be beneficial to go back to sleep.

I would say that it was myself coming down off of the Kratom; paying the piper for the exuberant flow of energy that had me knocking out a solid 220 minutes of hard playing the night before.

But it is also the juice fast through which I am feeling tension going out of muscles and, according to the experts on fasting, the body requires a lot of energy in order to cleanse itself, and I guess it's typical for a person to just lay there like a heroin addict going through withdrawal. It might be that the brain doesn't distinguish between toxins that are in the bloodstream because they have been flushed out by osmosis and are on their way to being expelled through kidneys that have finally gained the upper hand, and toxins that are on their way in from the stomach from something being McDigested at the time.

And one man's dietary fat is another man's toxin.

SIDEBAR: I was cleaning up the apartment, in the mood for cleansing in general, and, since I've fallen into the habit of generally arranging things by color in my apartment "-can't find the little plastic box with the fastening lid? What color is it, blue?
Look over by all the blue stuff, the big blue plastic drink holder with the 3 foot neck, the blue bowl with the blue USB power adapter, the blue pencil sharpener, etc. They're all together on one side of that table... "
I think the habit came from doing jigsaw puzzles. When I'm holding something that was strewn somewhere and want to place it somewhere out of the way, where I will know where to find it; I feel like I am holding a jigsaw puzzle piece, as my eyes quickly scan the room looking for where that piece might go. This might have something to do with doing jigsaw puzzles stoned, also.
But, here I was, picking up the copy of "Our Daily Bread" off the floor where Harold the cat had knocked it off a window shelf, and looking at it, trying to find a home for it.
It seemed a natural (excuse the pun) fit for the same bookshelf as the book that the Lidgleys of London (with ties to the "Lake" region of the U.K) had sent me.
Just out of curiosity, I flipped open the smaller book to learn that the cover photo was indeed a depiction of the same land of sheep and tourism where Alyne hails from. Did I mention that Kratom also helps with color recognition?

Notice how the photographer waited for the lights
to make this a Christmas pic
Greetings From Canal Street (right) -just 'cause I need to add another picture, I think...

I have a hunch that it is the little treat of a Reese's Dark Peanut Butter Cup to go with my coffee several nights a week, and the candy bars from the machine at Sacred Heart Apartments on the nights off that were somehow aggravating me. I must have been assimilating the hydrogenated oils in them more slowly than I was taking them in; even at just one per night; starting to get stiffness in the upper back and neck, so that it seemed to require an effort to rotate my head like and owl...or at least to try...

3 Days into the juice fast (cheating with 2 mangoes, coffee and some blueberries) I am feeling so much better that I am really trying to soak up the whole experience, so that if I am ever terminally ill and in pain, I can say things like: "God, I just never knew how good I had it; what I wouldn't give to go back and re-live just one of those days!"

If I was sensible, I would probably set up a routine of juice fasting say, one day a week, and that might give me a leg up on keeping my biochemistry from getting out of hand.

By the way, where does that expression come from, "a leg up?" Am I saying that I feel like the proverbial dog at the fire hydrant of existence?

Well, I'm in the mood to play; I'm playing well, have got new strings; and am using Kratom as a "supplement" (for better or worse*) and, as long as there is nobody already at the Lilly Pad when I arrive there in about a half hour (6:30 P.M. -still daylight!!) I will nothing to complain about.

*One of the things mentioned in the articles that I read about Kratom, aside from attributing the slight variances in responses in individuals to the fact that there are more molecules in the mitragyna speciosa leave than just the most prevalent one, which are in smaller concentrations, but which are more potent.
"Anxiety" seems to be countered in all users, but some things such as feeling "social," or "anti-social" are particular to the individual.
I had one small glitch when a couple sat down by me at the Lilly Pad when I was playing one of my songs. "Do you know any Neil Young?" the guy asked.
I meant to convey: "Sure, I'll play some Neil Young; I know not everybody can get into a song they've never heard before," but when I said something like "Yeah, you probably don't want to hear one of my songs..." I felt like it came out arrogantly as if I was trying to say: "Sure, I'll stop playing the song that I've composed as part of my life's work to indulge you with a Neil Young song.
And, the guy began to stammer an apology as if he had taken it that way.
My own fumbling over words in an attempt to explain what I had really meant, evoked the works "anti-social" for a split second, and I wondered if that would be the drawback of using Kratom as a supplement. They wound up giving me a couple bucks, but when they sat down they had "$20" written all over them... 

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alex carter said...

This "mucous-free" stuff goes back to the 1970s or before, and is not only pseudoscience, but pure "snake oil". If a juice fast makes you feel better, great. But all this stuff about umpty-ump pounds of "waste" hanging around in your intestines or your body having an excess of "mucous" is pure bosh.

However, something that sounds like pseudoscience but isn't, is that citrus and sunlight are a combination that can lead to trouble. Say you drink grapefruit juice and then go out in the sun, if that juice is on your lips, they'll blister all right. In fact citrus has some weird interactions with drugs too, and you'd do well to read up on them, from a reputable site like the mayo clinic one.