Saturday, August 8, 2009

E Flat

Friday was a good day for most everyone, moneywise. The lady that carts around in an electric wheel chair and sells flowers was making a killing, for example.When I sat down to play, the first dozen people coming by threw me tips. Then Larry showed up and, inexplicably (though maybe not, because it is Larry) started playing his guitar at the same time as me. I think he thought that he was playing along with me, not realising that I tune my guitar down one step to E flat. He was playing in E and not noticing that we sounded like crap together. Maybe he is more tone-deaf than I had surmised. The tips dried up during that spell. I told Larry that he was (Henry) "Blacking me out," as Henry used to do the same -sit next to you and play absolute garbage over what you were doing. Larry seemed offended, but I needed to get "back to work," and he took the hint.
I went to my church spot later on and did pretty well, though I gave Karrie money so that she could get a 12 pack of beer. We slept on Henry Black's Porch and were up early and left before the owner showed up.
Today promises to be good, though, one can never tell when one is a street performer.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today is the day that I broke away from Karrie.
Last night was a terrible tip night. It was also a terrible panhandling night for Karrie.
I felt that I could go and sleep somewhere and not worry about having to wake up broke and having someone else's "well-being" on my shoulders and my conscious. I can deal with going without, but to have another person suffering along next to me and to feel impotent in helping, makes me uncomfortable. I guess I am like the cat, who crawls off into the woods to die by itself.
Karrie, also broke, felt that I wouldn't want her to be around, as she wouldn't be able to provide me with anything. She doesn't feel that her company counts as anything, I guess.
Up With The Son
I was up with the sun and read my bible a bit and then meditated. I asked Jesus for strength.
The guy who owns the gallery and gift shop, and who lets us (and let Henry Black before us) sleep on his porch, arrived at his usual hour, just as the sun crests the building across the street and starts to bake us awake.
He must have noticed the absence of Karrie. He said "It looks like you're struggling to wake up this morning." I told him that I was just trying to figure out what was most important to do first "today."
"That's good," he said, and then went inside his store..
Henry Black's nephew, William sleeps under the store. I think they are Christians, he and the store owner, too.
Community Service
I finally pursued the option of doing community service in lieau of paying the 100 dollar fine(s) which I have accrued. More than one of them was myself "taking the rap" for Karrie, when there was an open beer between us. I called the Eagle Lodge and was told to show up there in the evening with my paperwork to do community service, and keep the jailor at a safe distance.
The other option would be to leave St. Augustine and have the fines hanging over my head forever.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Having Been Tortured

I've got to say something today, to keep the blog current and interesting.
Yesterday, Karrie and I drank early in the morning. We came to the library. Then, we left and got more malt liquour.
We sat behind the shrine to the Lady of La Leche, the one with the 100 foot cross (or so.) It started raining, as we finished the 4 pack of 211 Malt Liquour. "I'll go get another one, I don't mind the rain, said Karrie," before riding off on my bike with some of my money. I did well the previous day, Sunday.
We drank more and then were just in time to go to eat at St. Francis House.
Somehow, we decided to get an early nights rest, and went to Henry Black's Porch to sleep.
Karrie tossed and thrashed about, and as soon as I fell asleep she would bump me or roll over and squash me. It was like a sleep deprivation torture.
This morning, I told her that I loved her, but couldn't hang out and drink all day with her, and not even play at all for the tourists. I was down to $6.35 this morning, and no cigarettes, and having had very little sleep and having been tortured.