Saturday, October 31, 2009

Larry Will Be On My Spot

I am going up to Jacksonville to play for the Florida Georgia game, if I catch my bus in an half hour. First I have to go get my backpack from Karrie, who is guarding it at the campsite. Last year, I made pretty good money, but this year I am coming off of 3 months without playing much and my guitar needs some kind of adjustment. I think the cops were playing redneck music on it in the property room to impress the female officers....
I hope I don't travel up there to find Larry on my spot, smiling and saying "I must have made about 100 bucks already."

Friday, October 30, 2009

You Have Mail!

I'm sending a copy of this to my ex-cellmate, Jasmin. I'm sure he will enjoy it!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

76 Days In Jail

No, I did not pass Go and I did not collect 200 dollars, but I did "Go To Jail."

The incarceration was pretty much uneventful, but my cellmate was a local celebrity, shown to the left with his accomplice and below is the soap opera-like account of what kept the locals glued to their newspapers and their televisions while it unfolded. My cellmate, who is Bosnian and perhaps doesn't understand "the system" here, spilled his guts to me, during our 75 days together and gave me enough dirt on himself that I could turn state's evidence and have him sent away for a long time. I won't do this because he really hates the beef stew that they serve in jail; he didn't eat it once. I traded it for oatmeal on the next morning's tray and I feasted!

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. -- Ponte Vedra housewife Quinn Gray said she was taken from her home, tied up and held for ransom.
Now, Channel 4 has obtained the ransom note Gray said she was forced to write by the man who kidnapped her.
The letter appears to be in Gray's own handwriting. It's addressed to her husband, Reid Gray.
It says, "I need you to read this and be calm. There are three men holding me right now and they want $50,000 cash."
It goes one to say, "Stay at the house. No cops. Keep your cell phone on you, and keep the kids with you. Please, do this honey, please."
Police said it was all a hoax. On Monday, they released 105 pages of detailed documents to Channel 4.
Detectives said it will prove Quinn Gray made the whole thing up.
In fact, on page 70 of the documents, investigators claim Gray admitted she went criminally insane during the alleged kidnapping.
But before all this, go back to 2007.
Information in the documents allege Quinn and Reid Gray were having problems with their marriage.
They eventually separated for a bit and during that time dated other people. Both had their own indiscretions.
But they got back together.
Reid reportedly told police Quinn was "out of control," partying all the time and hanging out with and dating men 10 years younger than her.
Reid is quoted as saying, "One night Quinn went out and came home completely intoxicated." He told police he found Quinn's underwear in her purse, and she confessed she met a guy she used to know and they went back to his apartment.
According to the paperwork obtained by Channel 4, Quinn Gray admitted in July of this year that she needed help and entered rehab for 30 days.
Her arrest came just two months later.
"If I wanted $50,000, I would just go to the bank and take it out," Quinn Gray told reporters on her way to jail.
She said she and her husband have a lot of money.
The documents talk about that, too.
The Grays apparently pay $25,000 a month for their mansion on the beach, which is worth $4.2 million.
According to the figures on page 82 of the documents, Reid Gray brings home anywhere between $70,000 and $100,000 a month owning his own home health care business.
Quinn Gray is charged with trying to extort $50,000 from her husband.
Police arrested her and Jasmin Osmanovic in September.