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This "mucous-free" stuff goes back to the 1970s or before, and is not only pseudoscience, but pure "snake oil". If a juice fast makes you feel better, great. But all this stuff about umpty-ump pounds of "waste" hanging around in your intestines or your body having an excess of "mucous" is pure bosh.

However, something that sounds like pseudoscience but isn't, is that citrus and sunlight are a combination that can lead to trouble. Say you drink grapefruit juice and then go out in the sun, if that juice is on your lips, they'll blister all right. In fact citrus has some weird interactions with drugs too, and you'd do well to read up on them, from a reputable site like the mayo clinic one.

On the mucous; think about how miserable you feel with a bad cold, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. and are hacking up phlegm and spitting it out in gobs.

If you were to go on a juice fast and had mucous like that then, yeah you *are* getting rid of "something," but it's when the mucous producing machine clogs up, through dehydrating foods, (grilled cheese sandwiched without at least a pint of tomato soup to go with each one, potato chips on the side, with no pickle...) when you can start to accrue "chronic" ailments.

 It's not an excess of mucous, it's an excess of something that mucous would love to flush out of you if it wasn't dried and caked in some capillary.

Mucous is a quick flush, though. Tear gas makes your eyes water like crazy and your nose run. This is the front line of defense that mucous producing glands are really for; the pores in the skin can actually clog up with the stuff that you were too dehydrated to liquefy enough to sweat out.

The apple juice only diet supposedly lets the body get rid of whatever fluid is inside cells, and replace it with clean water.

The lymph system is fluid and is pumped by the lungs, using the vacuum created when they expand, etc. (In fact, if you stop off your throat, and then fight as hard as you can to breath in through your stopped throat, you will give the lymphatic system a good pump, I've discovered -yeah, that's one of mine. But it is something that I always kind of knew about; I get a metallic smell in my nose if I squeeze it after doing that...perhaps my body knew, at some level that the trays of food I was getting every day in the cafeteria -and not eating the carrots!!!- and especially in the winter in Massachusetts, where all your time is spent in heated rooms with no humidity, were just slowing down the flow of fluids in the body -some northerners would say the cold thickens your blood, but I think the sitting in a room with air that eventually, through osmosis becomes as dry as the artic air outside that leaks in a bit every time you open the door to go out; to shovel the driveway; so, eventually you have pretty close to desert-like conditions, for the whole winter and, that "thickens the blood").

And, there are some Kratom "recipes" out there that have been concocted by people and have found there way to the major Kratom related websites.
After reading the SEO book, I could see at a glance that some website jumped on the keywords "can it kill you?" which was smart, as that is probably one of the first things that people search for after buying a pack from an Ethiopian cashier whose "I don't know, only white men buy it, though" wasn't reassuring enough.

But it is recommended to wash your Kratom down with white grapefruit juice in order to provide some kind of additional blocking or inhibiting...
And for the more adventurous, go ahead and put some DEET in there; yes, you read right, the mosquito stuff...

But, they don't tell you if the other ingredients in mosquito repellent will really fuck you up, and that you have to get laboratory grade DEET...LOL

Joking aside, those last mentioned are just trying to get high on the stuff.

I have taken the midrange dose of 3 and a half grams...the "cocktails" that are spoken about have 17 grams and are mixed with Coca Cola, I guess to help the DEET go down LOL!

A small dose will stimulate, a larger one sedate, and I actually get a bit of both, but more on the stimulation side; one thing is, unlike a lot of compulsive addictive things, after I take 3 and a half grams and might start to "feel" it, I'm not grabbing for my bag, impulsively, for more; unlike alcohol or Lay's Potato chips; I forget about the remaining capsules and dig in, rather heavily, to whatever pursuit I put myself on; case in point, the story that I am going to post in a minute..."The Tulip Story"...I just sat down and wrote that, start to finish, no fatigue, no pinching the bridge of my nose; and THAT was after having first written the post, which I will also post...

The stuff is working on me like Ritalin is, I guess, supposed to work on A.D.D. kids. And since I'm not addicted to heroin or meth, and that is kind of the only reason someone would buy it (and not mix it with herbicide) I might have stumbled upon something that helps me focus...

But, of course, grasshopper, you have inner Kratom inside of you; seek the inner Kratom and you will find focus in abundance; and save yourself 11 bucks every 3 days. Grasshopper.

 Wildcrafted Chickweed Herb, Wildcrafted Safflower, Wildcrafted Burdock Root, Parsley Root, Organic Kelp Plant, Wildcrafted Echinacea Angustifolia Root, Wildcrafted Black Walnut Leaf, Licorice Root, Organic Fennel Seed, Organic Papaya Leaf, Wildcrafted Hawthorn Berries, & Wildcrafted Mandrake Root.

The Actual Post
Sunday, May 7th

The Saturday night is over.

I got to the Lilly Pad and was putting my spotlight up in the vines at right about the time a street light would be coming on.

Not long after total darkness fell, along came a black guy who is of medium build and probably in his late 20's and who frequently works the block as a sketch artist. He is an amiable enough guy, with his shaved head being kind of egg shaped, and thus non threatening looking, in my opinion.

I was worried about getting him to leave the stoop as soon as possible after he had sat down, and had turned his attention towards the first group of tourists to come along. But, I remembered him as being easy to get along with, and someone who basically understood that I like to sit by myself and play, and who leaves after I start without asking for a cigarette -which is, in that scenario, a skeezers attempt to get something in return for doing the favor of leaving me alone; with the unspoken threat of him sitting back down hanging over me; giving me impetus towards handing him a cigarette to keep him leaving; not interrupt the flow of him walking away; no monkey wrenches tossed anywhere. Unless it's the kind of skeezer who asks every person whom he encounters daily for a cigarette, just in case they give him one.

Even though the sketch artist guy gave me cause for concern after he muttered something unintelligible to me and apparently the first group of tourists to come along, whom he muttered it to. I was afraid that he might not be "himself" when that intoxicated, but, true to form, he left as soon as I started tuning up. He wouldn't be allowed to hang around the bar if he was a disagreeable sort; and I imagine he might get pretty drunk there, after selling a drawing or two.

I haven't seen his artwork up close.

He has the peculiar habit of calling attention to the color of his skin when working the crowd around Lafitt's. He will descend upon say, a middle aged white couple, dressed for the country club, with a greeting like: "I'm a black man, I know, but don't be afraid! I'm an artist; I do sketches, and...etc"

But, now that I think of it, maybe the guy is hitting the nail right on the head and the couple from Grand Rapids are a bit nervous around the kind of crazy looking black man approaching them, what with all of the stuff you see on "Cops." A lot of times the black men they arrest on TV don't even look as crazy as this guy. So, he uses that as an icebreaker.

I guess there is tiny echo of that in my own sign that reads: "The Tiposaurus Rarely Bites." It's the white man's version of "don't be afraid," I guess.

So, the artist guy being gracious enough to allow me to sit and look like I'm not already playing for someone, I went on to have a second 60 dollar night, and the music came pretty easily. I played for 5 hours.

I am playing longer sets after eating the mitragyna specioso leaves. That's one of the things they have been used for for centuries in Taiwan; stamina and energy to work in the heat. They are in the coffee family.
You've just read: 579 words. POWERED BY ↁ DANIEL-SOFT TEXT SOLUTIONS ↁ

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I should not even try to get into discussions with people who believe as deeply in pseudoscience as you do. So, I won't discuss snake oil on here any more.