Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wednesday Morning At Five O' Clock

As the day begins...

Monday night, I was at Starbucks in the Quarter until they closed at 10 PM., and, since I had my guitar and all my gear on me, decided to go out and play, which I did for a couple of hours, making about 15 bucks.
I had taken some Kratom leaf capsules after leaving Starbucks, and knew that I wanted to play some good stuff, either at the apartment or at the playing spot.

Bike Wheel Warps

I only went out, on the 4th day of a juice fasting that Tuesday night was, to get some apple juice and a pint of blueberries.

I was craving blueberries, and wondering if having mega-dosed them by eating a huge bag of them was responsible for the improvement in my memory that I've been experiencing -I'm much better at putting a pot on the stove to boil and then going off and doing a few other things, before returning to it, rather than standing there, watching it..

Before, I would get involved in something until stirred from my reverie by the sound of boiling and hissing water coming from the kitchen.

It could be the Kratom, which seems to effect me like ephedrine used to, as far speeding up my reading, for example.

It seems like, somewhere in history, someone would have been stranded somewhere with nothing but blueberries to live on; and he would have noticed if his memory had suddenly improved. It's probably the Kratom.

I just like to save it for when it is busking time, even though I get a lot done around the house when I take some. And I don't want to develop a tolerance for it, because it's 11 bucks for what is about 3 days worth for me now.

It's easy for me to avoid anxiety on the stuff, like when I made a mistake in the studio and had messed up a track I recorded. I just took a few deliberate steps, set up my stuff and re-did it; no stressing out at all... 

One the way back from getting blueberries, I cut the wheel of my bike viciously while hopping over a curb of the kind that slopes downward to the road, ostensibly so you can pull off the road by driving over it, in a move that is like something that surfers do, when they are kind of going with the grain of a wave and then they pivot abruptly, cutting back into the wave and using the leverage to propel themselves or shoot themselves upward or something (that's probably when a lot of those rare cervical spine injuries come from; from boards that get torqued by the wave and come around and whack them).

As I was moving almost parallel to and gradually ascending the curb, I cut my front wheel so as to use the curb as a ramp and hop a bit, which I did, but I bent the back rim pretty badly.
I now go to ride the crippled thing to the nearest couple of bike shops...

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