Monday, April 12, 2010

Into The Thousands

Pakah! (-see ya later, in Russian)
I met with Nina and her lawyer. She forked over 100 bucks for his first half hour (much of which was spent on him telling us his fees and how he charged.)
She then gave him 400 bucks, so that he would initiate the paperwork. This was half, and enough to get him going.
We went back today (Monday,) Nina gave him the other 400 bucks. She then gave him 409 more bucks, in order for him to file something. She will hear from him about a hearing, to be set 20 days or more in the future. She will meet him in front of a judge, who will just stamp everything and push it aside, since, we are not contesting anything. Nina doesn't want the 75 bucks which I clear every month, and I don't want Michael (our 28 year old, unemployed, unemplyable, drug-addicted son/stepson) on the weekends; or ever.
Nina has given me money, so that I wouldn't have to play on the street and be visible to cops, who might arrest me and throw a fly into the ointment of her plans. She told me that she would give me 500 bucks, but, gave me 20 the first meeting, 30 the second, bought me lunch and cigarettes and snacks, etc.
Now that the thing won't be finalized for another 20 days, she probably plans to conive a way to keep me around. She gave me 100 bucks today. I asked her if she was "subtracting all this" from the promised 500 bucks. Her answer was ambiguous. She asked me if I wanted to pay off all my fines in St. Augustine, so as to not have to fear the Law. I told her that it would be over 1,000 bucks. She didn't flinch. I once extimated her "worth," at about 2.5 million dollars. She has certainly spent at least half of that in the 11 years since I met her; hell, Michael's bi-annual rehab runs into the thousands!!!
I told her that I couldn't get the 500 bucks in small pieces, because daily expenses would eat it up. I lost a lot of income (and maybe three meals and a hot shower at the jail,) by not playing the ramps this past week.
I need to renew my ID, get new eyeglasses, a cellphone, a big backpack which will hold the tent and a sleeping bag etc, and I would like an i-pod, so I can hone my craft and learn songs which are more modern than 1988.
She brought me to the DMV to renew my ID, after I told her this. I was told that I need 2 proofs of "residence," a Social Security card, a birth certificate and...that's it, just those things.
We took a form, upon which Nina can sign and affirm that I "indeed" reside with her. She can bring in the phone bill, the water bill, etc and prove that residence. The birth certificate, she was unable to locate. I am working on contacting my mom, who I hope will be able to walk into the City Hall and obtain the thing. The Social Security card, will hopefully just involve me knowing where I was born and what my mother's maiden name is.
Nina has succeeded in keeping me here for at least a few more days. She will wait untill the hundred bucks is surely (based upon her keen understanding of me, after living with me for a year,) near extinction, feed me another bill and so on, I'm sure. She is pretty clever.
It's hard to believe that she couldn't find my birth certifacate. She is meticulous in regards to documentation, if anything.
So, now, I go to call my mom, explain things (I may just buy the cellphone now, It would pay for itself during that one call....)
It is actually boring not being out, playing and making money.
Karrie On
Karrie's last letter was not a bolster to my hopes for a future with her.

She is under the care of the jail shrink and on some kind of medicine to help her sleep. She has physical problems, which she had been ignoring on the outside, while preoccpied with getting "some liqour," most of the time. She was almost incoherent in her missle, and sounded as bad as she has at times, after too much Jack Daniel's Whiskey. Only, there's no whiskey in jail.
She will be out 4/29/10.

Nina's hearing will be shortly after that. I plan upon being in Georgia by then, unless something like Nina offering to pay all my fines happens. Then, I would be free to be in St. Augustine. I feel like I have graduated that city though, and need to chase my bliss. My bliss seems to have gone north for the summer.

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