Friday, July 30, 2010

Do I Really Want This?
It is Friday morning. I woke up with $19.58. I was on the marble "porch" of the Episcopal Church, which is Howard's spot. Howard has not been seen lately. I slept behind one of the huge (8 ft. diameter) columns, which look to be made out of some kind of stone, right on the marble. I've been too lazy to get any kind of padding. I don't think it has been bad for my back. I woke at 7:30, the starting time of The Coffee Club, without the aid of the alarm. I went and had a half cup of coffee. I sipped it slowly, asking myself "Do I really want this?" in between sips.
Yesterday, I had a whole cup, plus the gallon of apple juice; no energy drink.
Yesterday's 29 bucks went into action before noon, as I boarded the bus to the music store, only to find out there that the cheapest strings which they had were 6 bucks. I had my heart set upon getting some finer strings this time, and I did. I left the store in time for the buses return trip, so, at least I didn't waste time there. There was nothing to do there, no beer or cigarettes to buy, and no energy drink. The trip cost me about 13 bucks. That, along with 50 cents to print out some music at the library was all I spent for the day. (The apple juice goes on my food card.)
I put the strings on, during the bus ride back to town, losing a pick in the process. Whoever cleans the bus out will have a fine .75mm nylon pick; I hope he/she doesn't play death-metal with it. I got back with $15.95.
Sounding Good For All Four
After washing up at the park, I retrieved my backpack from the secret hiding spot, and then went to play at my favorite spot.
I started my case out with 4 bucks of my own, plus change. I got about $3.50 in about an hour, good, considering the amount of people who walked by. Almost all of them threw me a tip. In fact, I think only 4 people who weren't bums wanting a light, or one of my dollars, walked by in that hour, and all of them threw something.
If I were in say, New Orleans, and 10 times as many people walked by..., I thought to myself at one point.
One guy named Sam stopped and talked. He said that I sounded really good (brand new strings didn't hurt) and that he wished that he had some cash. He promised to come by tonight and give me something.
I can't wait to get the Yamaha guitar and sound even better.
I knocked off at 9pm. because it really does die down then on weekdays (until 2am., when a whole different crowd comes out,) except for bums wanting a light or a dollar; they pick up a little.
I am noticing that the chronic inflamation in my left knee, the one that I broke in a motorcycle accident in '86 is subsiding, along with the chronic soreness in the back of my neck, where the small vertibraes reside.
My thoughts are more focused, I am remembering the chords of songs without hesitation, and my typing is faster.
I still have some small anxieties, and so, I must continue with Dr. Christopher's 3 day fast and cleanse and mucous free diet. Most of them are over what to do with the money which I should accrue, do to not spending any.
Things To Do
I need to go and get the large backpack, if it is still there. Mine is starting to rip open. I already lost one AA battery, through one of the holes, and my nail clippers fell out, but I heard them hit the sidewalk and got them back. If I had been on a grassy area, it could have been disasterous.
They don't let me bring the smaller pack into the library, and I have to hide it in my secret hiding spot, and so, I might as well carry the larger one, especially as a trip to New Orleans is a possibility.
I need to get the 5 gallon bucket, which I found in the Church Street Graveyard, and bring it somewhere to use as a laundry bucket.
Karrie used to take care of that kind of stuff, but, she has disappeared off the face of the earth.
I guess I can do my own laundry.
Now, I am off to work on music, and possibly walk the 2 miles to get the big backpack, before a bum finds it. I may work on the music in my head, as I walk.

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