Monday, July 19, 2010

I Am Welcome To Ride

Dry, Rainy Sunday
Monday morning it is. I woke up with $4.30.

I slept fitfully last night, having only drank one Earthquake Lager the whole day, and having drank 3 energy drinks.

It rained all day, and I didn't play a lick. I probably would have played in the rain if I had had more Earthquake Lager.

I am losing interest in drinking alcohol lately, and transitioning to energy drink consumption. I think that I am mentally preparing for Dr. Christopher's 3 day fast and cleanse and mucous free diet. I have several people praying for me in my attempt to elimate cigarettes and beer from my life. I lost my lighter, at one point yesterday. It just disappeared.

Corn Tortillas With Salsa

I ate corn tortillas with salsa last night, off of my food card.

The vegetarian meal decreased the urge to smoke cigarettes.
Howard's SpotI sat and read and drank the energy drink until the available light waned. Then, I slept in Howard's spot. Howard hasn't been seen lately, so I wasn't worried about being begged for the $4.30 and the 5 cigarettes, which I had on me.

He was right about his spot being secluded. No cars rode by, and no foot traffic that I saw. I dreamed about everything from having my guitar stolen, to being able to run extremely fast and long jump over just about anything.

I woke up with the same $4.30 which I had carried around all day, after buying the one beer.
New Orleans Update

On my way here, to the library, I ran into another hobo. He had just come from New Orleans. He said that he grew up there, and that he knew all of the street musicians. He painted a glowing description of it as being "an awsome city."

He told me that the street musicians would look out for me, and that he had never heard of any of them having had their instruments stolen.

He wants to jump the train back there in a few days. I am welcome to ride with him.

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ben jernigan said...

i heard you have to have some sort of license to play on the streets of new orleans.. and its not that easy to get one if youre not native... fyi