Monday, August 2, 2010

I Dont See How Monks Do It

I left the library Saturday, and finished the grape juice, which I had hidden near the graveyard.

I went and got one shot of vodka, and a pack of cigarettes. It might be the stress of blogging which has been making me give in to that temptation. The vodka burned.

I then went into town to play music. I must have made about 14 bucks. I sounded good, to myself. All I bought all night was a gallon of spring water.

I woke up Sunday morning with 30 bucks.

I walked down to the Shell and bought a newspaper. I took it to where I do laundry, behind the World Trade Center. I washed clothes, hung them up in the sun, and sat and read the Sunday paper, drank spring water, and did the crossword puzzle, while they dried, and while the freight trains inched their way past, in the directions of both Jacksonville, and New Orleans.

I became excited at the thought of hopping the one to Jacksonville, to check on the campsite, and possibly grab a thing or two. Then, there is the other train to New Orleans, where I will certainly go soon, just to check on it, and possible grab a thing or two.

This is my second day of spring water only.

Yesterday, I was beset with temptation, and it was hard to make it past the cooler at the Shell station, the coffee at Serda's, and food everywhere. I kept to my water diet, except for one shot of rum, at 6 pm. There was hardly a soul on the street, and so I went to lay down early, with a half gallon of water.

Today, I woke up with $26.69.

I am feeling physically weak, and my tongue has the metallic taste which is telling me that I am ridding myself of toxins. I am still bored at times, with only water to distract me. A calm should come over me soon.

I plan to leave here and walk over to the thrift store (past the liquor store) to see if I can buy a book for 50 cents. I have nothing to read now. I will be able to get a library card, if Mr. McDonald extends another temporary card to me, over at 15 Place. I can get a card, now that I have an ID.

I might then go to practice somewhere. Then, get the rest of my laundry.

All my stuff is clean and dry now. I just need the big backpack, in order to stuff it and prepare to go to New Orleans.

My motivation to play has changed. I actually only play when I feel like it, and when I think that I have something to offer, and when I am doing it just to serve the music. I am playing as well as ever, even without food. It seems easier to pick the "right" song, too. I am studying in the mornings; classic jazz and finger picking style.

Tomorrow , I might start on the regimen of natural vitamins. Honey and apple cider vinegar (in warm spring water,) a tblsp. of molasses, a tblsp. of wheatgerm oil, a tblsp. of cayenne pepper in cold spring water; three times a day, with continued subsistence upon spring water.

It is time to go. It is 104 degrees outside.

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