Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Total Eclipse Of The Moon On The Winter Solstice

Depart from me, I never knew you!
-Just kidding, LOL!! 
Earthquakes, Moon Turning Color Of Blood?!? What's Happening?!?
Last night, it was cold when I left the library. I went to a spot where I had stashed a pint of Wild Irish Rose wine. It was nice and cold, and I drank it next to the dumpster, behind the Save-A-Lot. I call that dumpster the "Save-Even-More."
Putting on all the layers of clothing in my backpack, including the orange sweatshirt to the left, which it looks like I will die wearing, I made my way to the Shell, which used to be a BP, on broad street, for an Earthquake, because the Wild Irish Rose hadn't made me wild nor fragrant enough.
I sat on a trolley, underneath which I have slept before. I referred to that spot as "the trolley spot," but I could have just as appropriately called it the "wake up feeling like you have REALLY hit rock bottom spot."
Having increased the magnitude of my wildness, I walked into town, noticing as I did that there were few people out, and surmising that it was for the same reason that I was freezing my butt off ie. the temperature.
I love saying that, just to see
the looks on their faces!
Arriving at Cathedral Park, I espied no other personage than Gerald, the guy who carries everything he owns, slung over his back in a bag which Santa Clause even thinks is humongous.
Gerald was preparing to sit on one of the park benches which affords him a view of the large screen TV in Hero's Pub, in order to watch the football game between the Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings. I told Gerald that the Bears were going to win 34 to 16, and after thus prophesying, I continued to the railroad track spot to retrieve my heavy jacket, which I had left there that morning when the weatherman on my cheap AM radio mentioned something about warmth and mildness.
Thomas is still walking around wearing the heavy jacket which I gave him last week on a cold night when he had on only a button-up shirt and a flimsy flannel thing. I want to swap out the heavy jacket that I am wearing now for that one, because I liked the locations of its pockets, and it is slightly heavier. I just saw him as I am writing this. He went to the second level of the library, probably to get on facebook and disseminate articles extolling the benefits of marijuana, like one that he posted last week about how it "expands the brain."
I will ambush him and switch jackets soon, now that I have him cornered, like a rat in a sewer.
Back to the story; At the railroad track spot, there lay Alan in his orange sleeping bag. The sun had just set
I grabbed the jacket and went back to town, after answering Alan's inquiry as to where I was going. I think that if I had said "the bar," he would have said "Wait a minute, let me put my sneakers on..."
Back on Dauphin Street, I sat and played for a brief time and I don't recall making a dime. I grabbed another Earthquake, in disgust, and then made another attempt at playing psychedelic Christmas music; for nobody.
Filling a cup with water, I returned to the railroad track spot, made some oatmeal, ate it, and then lay there listening to my cheap AM radio. I heard a report that there was to be a total eclipse of the moon.
I had trouble falling asleep. I was a wake through the entire eclipse, eventually deciding to meditate, after the alcohol was out of my system.
I was having strange celestial visions, seeing shadowy figures, and at one point, a vision of some guys dressed in robes and setting some kind of altar, upon which there was a bright blue gem. I then saw a huge throne of gold and silver and other red gemstones. From out of under one corner of the throne slithered a turquoise colored serpent.
To Hell With The Silly Eclipse; Check THAT Out!!
I was hearing "Spirit of the living God, I surrender to you," originally, like a "mantra" but was distracted by the knowledge that I had originally been given that by a Hindu. I eventually focused upon Jesus by name and saw more visions.
There seemed to be a door and I felt the words "Behold, I stand at the door and knock" present in the whole thing. I was trying not to rationalize, but couldn't help wonder if I should open the door, because He was knocking, or if I should say "come in." I had decided upon the latter because some words came to me about "inviting" the Lord (into your heart.) and "waiting upon" Him. 
At one point as I patiently waited, Alan got up and I began to hear his unsteady footfalls upon the granite rocks by the railroad tracks. I felt his presence as if he was standing there watching me. It was distracting, and the spirit seemed to tell me that I needed to love my brother (Alan) before the door would open. ...Can't I just stone him?..
I made an effort to forgive him for standing there, distracting me. ...should have stoned him this morning, and I wouldn't be having this problem....
Then, as I prayed on into the night, the freight trains started coming by with great frequency. It seemed that they were trying to move all the freight that they could before the holidays shut down their operation. They were a distraction, as was the occasion loud noise, such as when a car ran over a bottle or something, at about 2 am. There were also sounds coming from further down the tracks, made by a guy, who just started sleeping there.
He had been up all of his first night "with us," whoever he is; yelling something like "Adolf Hitler's personal assassin, locked up 25 years ago in a London prison; code name "freeze," f-r-e-e-z-e." That was his "mantra" for most of that night.
You've Got To Be Sh**ting Me!
Then Alan got up and took a crap far, but not far enough, from our spot, at a place where the wind direction was not working to our advantage. I had all I could handle in "staying my mind" upon Jehovah, as the crazy man wailed, the trains rumbled by and the stench of Alan's contribution to society rolled in like a dreadful fog.
This all being concurrent with the total eclipse of the moon on the winter solstice, when my prophesy came close to coming to pass as the Bears won 40 to 14.
The blue gem on the altar was a symbol for my heart "chakra,' (sp?) I believe.
Tonight is Tuesday, and they will "feed" at 15 Place. Should be a real "bumfest.'
I am considering going to Wal-Mart, because I heard that they carry guitar strings there. They might be even cheaper than the ones at the music store. Of course, I want to wash and condition my hair, and do my laundry.
Find out which one I do in tomorrow's post!!!!

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