Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Weather

Weather Determined To Steal Headlines
The weather seems to be about the biggest story here, in Mobile.
There are two kinds of people when the temperature goes below freezing; those who are out in it, and those who are inside. Thus, humanity is divided at the point that water freezes at.
It was kind of nice to see the streets virtually free of beggars last night, as I walked down Dauphin Street and noticed that it was about 30 degrees, according to the Regions Bank display.
It is only supposed to drop to the "high 20's" tonight. I may be able to play a bit for people who haven't been begged that evening; could prove interesting. I want to learn at least one Christmas Carol, to go with The Grinch Song.
I have trouble playing the guitar in temperatures under about 42 degrees; that seems to be my cut-off point.
My Soul
My soul is in the news again, as I am trying to step up my efforts at getting it into heaven. That's pretty much a full time job. I only take breaks in the evenings, to have a few drinks, and then it is right back to work.

I may have some new pictures of myself to post here soon. So many people have promised to e-mail me the ones that they take of me on the street, though, less than one percent of them ever have. But, one of the guys who works at Save-A-Lot has a camera phone and I am going to try to corner him and get him to take some and mail them to me. 

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