Friday, January 21, 2011

Out Of The Dark

The Next "Cat Woman"
Yes, Anne Hathaway will play the next Cat Woman in a film to be released in July of 2012, to coincide with the reversing of the Earth's polarity (when it will flip over, making the North Pole the new South Pole...)
Eking Out A Living
Yesterday afternoon, I sat down at my spot and began to work on a song about a guy who meets a girl on Facebook who ends up attacking him with a meat cleaver. I may change the implement to a machete in the final draft, and have her invite him over for spaghetti.
I made just about 6 bucks in a couple of hours, but composed about half of the song, and had a visit from a charming young lady.
I was in the process of working out the verse where the girl in the song's "interests" include watching snuff films, old Vietnam War footage, Mixed Martial Arts, and needlepoint, when a figure began to emerge from the shadows, silhouetted by the light of the Subway.
"Hi, Daniel," I heard, from whom I started to think was Becca, the Christian Youth Counsellor, but, as the apparition drew nearer, I recognized it to be none other than Taylor, eldest daughter of Jeff The Potter.
We spoke briefly, and she gave me the name of a morbid band, to add to my song; then, she was off to meet somebody named Dave.

This Could Be Kenzy (facebook)
I took a break to eat at 15 Place, where I was joined at my table by a girl named Kenzy, who was one of the servers, and who kept insisting upon knowing my age. She said that she looks for me every Thursday, but that I am not always there. I evaded her question and kept her in the dark on the matter..
I felt a little bit guilty about keeping a 16 year old girl in the dark, though.
Enthusiasm Cooled
It's cold outside, and I'm not yet motivated to go out and play.
I may read some, and then meditate in the graveyard... 
This Makes Me Want To Run To Starbucks Imediately
Today's Pottery Advice

NEVER open a kiln while it is firing!

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