Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"It's never too late to have a happy childhood." - Wayne Dyer


I went to Starbuck's yesterday afternoon, to see if I could put someone's coffee on my gift card, which I got as a gift from The Lidgleys (and which still has 34 bucks on it) in exchange for cash of an equal (or lesser) value.
The first guy I asked, said "no" and said it in such a way that one might think that I had asked to borrow his car.
I was merely offering to save him money, as well as help myself out.
I sat and worked upon music, and noticed that the same guy, after getting his coffee, said something to the barrister in hushed tones.
When another customer entered, I started to ask her the same thing, and was interupted by the barrister, who said "Don't approach my customers."
I walked back into town with about 5 bucks on me.
It took me a while to stop imagining beating the brains out of the guy who, in addition to not wanting to help me out, went out of his way to see that I wouldn't get help from anyone else with whatever he whispered to the barrister.
I've read somewhere that everybody everywhere acts in their own self interest. Even when they give charitably to others, people get some kind of payoff from the act.
The guy was acting in his own self interest, that's all. He felt better after making sure that I couldn't sell a cup of coffee to someone, in order to have a few bucks in my pocket. He left Starbucks a happier man, I guess.
In A Puddle Of His Own Blood And Latte
I imagined him laying by his vehicle with a broken jaw and aching testicles in a puddle of his own latte frappicino.
But then, I theorised that the guy may have thought that I had stolen the gift card, and was letting the victim vicariously punish me through him.
Then, I theorised that he may have thought that I was going to use the money to buy crack and then run amok in town, slitting throats with my stolen gift card; a horrible death.
I eventually forgave the little dweeb. Maybe I was a total jerk once, and now the karma has come full circle.
I didn't make any money in town. It was cold. There were hardly any souls out.
Will They Care?
I am going now back to Starbuck's to see if the same barrister is working or not. I will ask whoever IS working if it is alright for me to put someone's coffee on my gift card. The last time I asked I was told "Sure, we don't care what happens to the coffee after we sell it. People can do whatever they want."
Tonight is the night that Jeff The Potter's church meets. If I have at least a couple bucks on me, I will feel better about taking the time off from playing the street to attend.
I'm not implying that if God wants me to go to church, He will see to it that someone lets me buy them their coffee in exchange for cash of an equal or lesser value; He may have other plans for me...I'm just saying...

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