Monday, February 7, 2011

What Happens In My Imagination Stays In My Imagination

Last night, the Superbowl.
Music Played By The Old Fort
I was allowed to hang around the patio area of Heroes Pub, and watch.
Then, I tried to go to sleep early, but was kept awake by the silliness which is the late night radio talk shows, until about 4:30 am., I kid you not.

The "world famous" Bill Henry Show is the silliest. I think that every "guest" of that show is the same guy, disguising his voice, and then spewing the most convoluted, provoking and incendiary opinions, so that one listens on, curious to see what the heck the he will say next. Most of the callers are either stirred up like a hornet's nest or are relatively calm and try to reason with him.
A couple nights ago "the guest" was supposedly some kind of figure in the school system who was allowing a student who was of the Siik (sp?) religion, to wear a symbolic dagger around his neck, but yet would not allow a Christian to pray in the classroom. It was enough to keep me awake way too long; I KNOW it's the same guy, disguising his voice and trying to "stir the pot."
Children's Book
I have decided that I am going to write music to go along with my upcoming Children's Book, "It's The Hat They Hate", as a companion to it.
It would be cool to have those litte chips, like the one's that they put in stuffed animals to make them sing when you poke them in the stomach, or such, inserted into each page, so that when the tike turns the page, the next song starts. Though, that begs the question; why not a full-blown "e" book?
The songs I have begun are "I Found A Hat (Imagine That!,)" and "It's The Hat They Hate (the title song.)
Other than that, pretty quiet here...

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