Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I Hope This Came out alright...
Preview Of Songs In Progress!!
Yes, that's about all the time I have.
Howard still absent.
Out of Money.
Will play in front of Chevron to get the $1.75 for the bus downtown on Friday.
Will play downtown on Friday, to get the $5.00 for the bus to New Orleans.
Will Play Saturday night on Bourbon Street, for the love of God....


Alex said...

If each day you saved one dollar, at the end of the month you'd be $30 up. At the end of the year you'd be $365 up. This is how the hobos did it, they'd mail or wire money home to their folks, or bury it or something. A lot of 'em didn't want to try to survive outdoors in cold weather so they'd go south or just hole up in a cheap place to live that's indoors during the cold months.

Alex said...

Oh - I looked at the place I was contemplating moving to and .. Talk about the gatemouth of hell. In fact I even managed to kill my friend's car up there, his BMW, and it's sitting there as I write. My neighbor and I are gong back up there tomorrow, I've got some ideas - I think I jammed the steering wheel lock and the ignition lock, which work together for "safety", together tight. This happens from time to time I've learned on the net. And it involves holding the brake down tight, and wiggling the wheel and key so theoretically they mutually loosen up. I've got a list of BMW shops that are close, so if I'm really stuck, I'll see if I can get a guy to come out and look at it.

The fact that I have a safe refuge, and friendly neighbors, well, I keep forgetting that people don't have that in suburbia. The place I looked at was a McMansion (and not one of the nicer ones) jammed full of people, with all kinds of politics going on. Awful. And I'd be sleeping next to his sheet-walled "bedroom" where he blasts NPR day and night.

So ... I'll stay where I am! In a lot of respects it's like that "cave" or "hole in the ground" you had going. Not idea, but in a lot of ways actually very cool, and always something that needs doing or improving. But, Home.

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