Thursday, January 24, 2013

Playing Spots Going Fast

It is Thursday; here in New Orleans.
I didn't play much at all last night; and I don't think I even made anything. 
There are groups of musicians playing in spots and hardly making anything; but they are holding the spots; playing long hours just to eek out enough to survive; and holding the spot until the Superbowl crowd arrives and then the Mardi Gras crowd.
I just couldn't do it. I couldn't play for 8 hours yesterday; just to eek out enough to survive.
I got some English Muffins and some Mozzarella cheese and some lettuce and some sliced turkey and went back to the ferry spot and ate and stayed up reading a Tess Garritsen novel until I fell asleep.
I woke up in the middle of the night and drank some cran-apple juice and then went back to sleep  And that is about all the excitement from NOLA.
I ran into Steven, the shaman type guy; who; gave me a cigarette, but then, upon seeing me preparing one of my turkey and cheese on English Muffin sandwiches said "Cool!" in a way which sounded to me like "Cool, I've found some food, here, through the agency of my friend."
He even asked me if the food had been "free."
"No, I just paid for it at Rouses," I said.
Then, as I sat there trying to eat a sandwich and sensing the irony of the fact that, as I had been bracing myself for some bum to approach me and ask me for some of my food; it was my "friend" who was standing there; watching me eat and only walking off after it seemed that I wasn't going to offer him any.
It is just the fact of being taken for granted, which bothered me; plus; I'm not going to go picking through trash cans when I run out of food; as much as he does.
So, I go out there now; pretty much broke but with new strings...

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