Friday, February 1, 2013

Court Today; Obstruction of Public Passageway; They profiled me!!
My left shoulder has had a nagging "pain" in it; and it is something which seems to have had its origins back about 8 months ago. The Superbowl Thing Party Last night, I ran into Stephen, whom I previously refered to as "the Shaman" but who good-naturedly informed me that he wasn't a Shaman (due to some technicality); and he was with 4 other people and they were three guys and a female and there were 2 guitars and as many backpacks as people and they were in the Starbucks coffee drinking and seating section of the mall at the Westin Hotel, which I believe is called "Canal Place," and makes it sound like the kind of place which is above the station of 5 people who were hanging out and even creating music; the female sang, but lamented that she couldn't sing at full volume, just out of courtesey and the fact that Starbucks kind of supplies its own music* and to drown it out would be to drown out a sound that Starbucks has paid a lot of money to marketing scientists who returned a determination that this was the best kind of coffee drinking music, in general.
I have noticed that they play a lot of artists doing cover versions of songs;
A customer could potentially say "Hey, I like this Starbucks because they are always playing the most bitchin' music; and I enjoy the music almost  as much as my skinny chai cream frappacino mocha skim latte (Carribean style) and I look forward to both when I come here. It's disappointing to me to hear people playing musical instruments over these artists that are giving Starbucks kick-backs for all the promotion.
But, as I am out of time;

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