Thursday, April 18, 2013

Month Flying By

The month is flying by.
I am ready to officially get rid of the extra blanket; which allowed me to sleep in temperatures below freezing.
"Let's Get You Out Of The Elements..."

Homeless Court
Let's Ride This Out
I went to Homeless Court Wednesday,  more than 2 hours late.
They had slipped my mind; that group which was going to try to find me free housing; when I went to sleep Tuesday night; and, consequently I didn't set my alarm.
They extended me one more month, to give me a chance to interview with the nice councelors, which I did today.
The (female) City Attorney/ procecutor, said "I don't think we can help him," at first; but then after I had talked to a Unity worker and set up an appointment, she said "Let's ride this out and see if we can get him housing."
The Persisting Question
The Unity people are in favor of people putting down roots.
The whole city of New Orleans is still depleted from Hurricane Katrina, after which half the population uprooted.
But; my councelor put the burden on me to decide weather or not I want to put down roots here in New Orleans.
He said that it sounded like I have had a very interesting 12 years of homelessness and that I have seen a lot of cool places and he suggested that I might become bored with any one place in particular....
"Just something to think about," he said and then told me that he would talk to me again before my next court date. He will visit me in the stand of cedar trees in Algiers; which I drew him a map to. (It just might be part of the application process that he verify that I indeed sleep outdoors...)
And that is about it, for now..

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  1. You should get housing. It will be an interesting thing to write about; the few weeks to few months you have a place until you "blow it up" by letting 6 other people move in, or some other asinine move.

    I don't think you have a choice about setting down roots in NOLA, you don't have the ability to get far from there. The last few years you've been trying to leave and get maybe as far as Baton Rouge then come back.


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