Monday, May 13, 2013

And, so it is Monday.
The weekend produced the effect of myself starting to at least make money playing.
Friday was dismal.
Sunday was magical, as I was given just about everything imaginable as I played on Bourbon Street.
There was a 10 dollar at least blunt in my case; jambalaya made by a guy who won the National Jambalaya Contest (or something), a pack of cigarettes; and so many drinks that I poured them all into an empty orange juice jug because they were all Huriicanes; a bottle of wine....and actual money, with a 10 dollar tip amongst it; and to cap the evening off, some baked chicken, from Tanya Huang.
But the best news is that the new guitar sounds great; and I am playing better because I am trying to catch up to Tanya and her ilk; and to play more scale tones in my solos.
I had been outlining the chords too much and not putting in the extra tones which can sound cool...
out of time


  1. Wow, a new hat, a new guitar, and from the sound of it, some new enthusiasm. It seems like you're much better friends with Tanya and Dorise than a few months ago, and that's helping. Networking with people is pretty much the key to survival.

  2. yeah, good to see you commenting again; I have slanted the blog a bit toward The National Inquisitor for the New Orleans street music scene....I've had musicians come up to me and address me by name just because they saw me jamming with T&D; and, I think the big acts really feel for me with my unamplified acoustic and think: but for the grace of God, there go I...
    Even Tanya would say "It's not really loud enough" if she tried to play unplugged some night; she would double the money of any other unplugged out that night to be sure; but that would amount to a 80 percent paycut overall...
    Doreen taught Dorise everything she knows about playing professionally on Royal Street; and that knowledge trikled down to the choice of hat which was given to me; and it works, what can I say...LOL


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