Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Going Under

The past few days; there have been thunderstorms.
The Mississippi River is rising and has already made it impossible to go under the bridge by the terminal to get out of the rain.
It is threatening to encroach upon my sleeping spot under the dock; or to make it impossible to get under there.
Tanya and Dorise came out to make a rare Monday appearance "Because it's Jazzfest," said the former.
"I Wrote That Song!"
It wasn't a busy Monday, and I only played until I made my first couple dollars and then knocked off, not wanting to get run off by the cops on such a slow night.
Those run-offs are like strikes on a batter; not worth accruing unless the amount of money made makes up for it.
Whine Not
Right now, my feet are wet; all my laundry is either wet or dirty.
I might have no place to escape the rain.
My food card is out of money.
I have come down with a cold.
I forgot to go to The Rebuild Center this afternoon to try to get new eye glasses through them; and will have to wait another week.
The Unity people have yet to contact me with any news about any housing that they might be able to arrange for me.
And, I'm broke.
But, I am not too unhappy, outside of the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach which I wake up with pretty frequently; with the words "I'm going to die someday," or something equally depressing, echoing in my head.
I spent time Sunday afternoon, huddled under a little overhang on Royal Street where Tanya and Dorise were performing.
They were in good spirits, maybe because the bass player from The Dave Matthews Band (above) came up to them and said "I wrote that song," after they had done a song called "#41" by his band. He posed for a picture with them.
There was a rather large black man, who seemed to be friends with Dorise hanging around, and soon we were all singing doo wop type songs, with Dorise encouraging me to take the lead part while she played and Tanya joined in, on violin.
The harmonies sounded good.
All the tourists seemed to be waiting out the rain storm, but they were still utilizing the time.
Dorise was playing songs which she wanted Tanya to learn, and was happy to have me singing the melody, so as to acquaint Tanyas ear to them; or to get her to recognize if she had heard them before.
Tanya, for her part, sang a few bars of songs which SHE wanted to learn, in between our songs.
It was kind of cute to hear how tentatively she sang; when she is so commanding on the violin.
It was fun and, even though it didn't put any money in my pocket; it was a valuable experience and it seems like I am one step closer to hooking up with any one of the talented musicians who come around Tanya and Dorise (to sit at the feet of those masters) and, who knows, I might have an up and coming young female* vocalist to work with in the near future.
*they just make better tips than the males, what can I say?
Ocarina Introduced
I broke out the ocarina, which I still have from when Alex in California sent it, on a whim and played it.
I think T&D were impressed with my playing of it (I find it easy) especially when I nailed the whistled part of Dock Of The Bay, by Otis Redding.
Happy Birthday, Mom; Please Send Money...
Tanya is going to mail off one of their latest CDs to my mom in Massachusetts; and it may just arrive in time for her birthday on the 3rd of May, how cool is that?
She has the envelopes already pre-stamped and ready to go at her house, of course she does; that is one professional outfit, there.
Ironically, I am thinking of calling my mom to ask for some money, as her gift is on its way. I will tell her that I am treading water and in danger of going under.
This is not just a figure of speach, as I might find myself sleeping 10 feet away from the Mississippi River tonight, should it storm again...

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