Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Seychelles Checks In

The Saints Game
I was outside the Superdome before half time of the game; and after I had spent all my money, and gotten pretty drunk.

I went inside a cavernous building, on the steps of which I sometimes played before it became what it is now, a place where a "tailgate party" goes on and where I wasn't required to spend any money and where there were miniature goal posts set up and miniature footballs, which I kicked along with several youths, in between watching the game and finding a full and cold cup of beer just sitting next to where I had been sitting.
Some of the kids were strumming my guitar, after I took it out for them, due to their enthusiasm towards it.
A man asked me if I wanted to run some kind of music program in the next cavernous room of that particular building, during Saints games, suggesting that it would be good for those same children; who did not seem to be tiring of strumming the guitar.
I had tuned it to an open chord so that it would sound better strummed like that.
The 4th quarter of the game started and the Saints had a commanding lead, and I could already see the earliest departed straggling past, and so I set up on my milk crate and played "Like A Rolling Stone," by Bob Dylan and wailed on the harmonica and got about 40 bucks thrown in my case.
And, today, I decide if I want to buy the adapter while will allow me to post pictures off of my phone, or a capo with some of the money.

This blog was seen by someone in Victoria, Seychelles
for the first time today...
Leslie is broke tonight and will be until noon tomorrow; and so I think I will go there and at least party him up with some of the money. He is most certainly all by himself; what with being broke and all....

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