Monday, December 30, 2013

Turn On, Tune In Drop Out

$55 Saturday
I got out Sunday, a little after noon, determined to just buy an AM/FM radio, since I had found some brand new ear-buds laying on the sidewalk outside of CVS the previous day, and since I had woken up with $101 in my pocket; and since I had lied there for a while waiting for the Natchez to launch and realized that I could have been listening to CBS sports radio and whetting my appetite for the NFL action which was to take place that day.
I Find One
I walked along the riverside a ways and then scaled the bank and emerged onto the river walk, holding a random piece of driftwood so that everyone would think that I had only gone down to the waters edge a few minutes before they had come on the scene and that I must be some kind of driftwood artist, acquiring materials.
Then, when I got to the train tracks, there was what turned out to be an AM/FM radio, laying on the ground, minus its battery cover and its batteries.
I put it in my bag and it later turned out to work just fine after I inserted batteries into it.
I had gotten the idea to buy some charcoal briquets so that I would be able to construct a grilling pit under the dock; and would henceforth be able to grab such uncooked foods that the market discards regularly; such as tortellini and other things which can be boiled in any of the tin foil basting pans which they toss out nightly; and foods like raw lamb loin steaks, which could be fried pretty well in a pad of butter.
I wound up getting some mesquite wood chips and was able to light my first fire under the dock and cook an excellent (and more healthy than "prepared" foods) meal of pasta tortellini with fresh thyme and fresh salsa poured over it and grilled vegetables on the side.
The fire was more smokey than I would have prefered, and I will probably have to resort to a cleaner fuel, especially given that the flavor-enhancing properties of the mesquite wood are lost upon things boiled, anyways.
Once I get a little grate, then the wood chips will come into play, and all of the uncooked things that the skeezers pass over when they scavenge; will default to me.
Karrie always loved the things I cooked over fires.
After having listened to the AM/FM radio through the ear buds which I had found laying on the ground, still in their package; I came out Sunday, right after the boat had launched.
I went to CVS and spent 2 bucks on a lighter
I then went to the Toulouse Market and bought a pint of brandy and an energy drink to mix it with for $6.80.
I then saw herb man and spent 5 bucks "with him."
I then went to the Superdome and played while the incoming crowd came in. I made about 8 bucks, which is typical in the case of the ingoing crowd. The outgoing crowd is usually good for about 35 bucks, or so.
I decided to find the Patriots game somewhere.
The One Man Band
On my way to do that, I first heard and then saw Mr. Joe Jangles, the one man band.
He looked a bit more worn and maybe a little older; but we talked for a while.
During breaks in the game, I went and spent about another 8 bucks on beer.
I bought batteries for the AM/FM radio for 2 bucks...
Razors for another 2 bucks...
Cigarettes for $3.50.
A "Cash 3" ticket for 50 cents...
All in all, I spent almost 30 bucks and only had made 8...
Now, I head to the Lilly spot...


Alex said...

Great skeezing there pal. As long as accomplishment == the next pint of brandy and scavenged leftovers, you're living the life of a king - King Skeeze.

Daniel McKenna said...

Accomplishment == the next pint of brandy and scavenged leftovers to fuel a few hours of righteous busking, so that the cash saved will turn into sound equipment (equipment == $$) yeah I skimmed off of the profits there; but just enough brandy and just enough food has a pretty much set cost per diem; and buying by the pint is cheaper; I guess The Great Szeeze would be in finding free, tossed out brandy at the end of each night LOL!!

Alex said...

You haven't bought sound equipment, you just talk about it as part of your skeeze.