Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What A Loss

Seattle 34, New Orleans 7
Last night, I watched most of the New Orleans Saints game on Leslie's TV...
I had planned upon going out and playing after that game, but it was such a lop-sided slaughter by the Seattle Sea hawks over the local heroes that it appeared that almost everyone had left their respective bars of choice and gone off; well before the end of the game.
I woke up broke; after a weekend of too much football watching, and too much running to the beer store during commercial breaks...and having bought Leslie a beer or two, here and there.
This young black man has beaten me to the punch in finding a couple very proficient Asian musicians; and merely keeping a beat for them; as they manage the melodies and harmonies to old-time "New Orleans" jazz standards.The young black man takes over the duty of engaging tourists with standard kind of patter, like "You know you want to hear some jazz! and "The more you pay; the better we play," type of stuff...

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  1. What you need to do in these situations, is walk around with an official looking can or basket etc and "collect" for the musicians, while of course you're collecting for yourself, then run off when the musician(s) finally stop playing and make to kick your ass.


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