Friday, January 10, 2014

"If I Miss A Day Of Practice, I Know It!

If I miss 2 days, my audience knows it" -Luciano Pavaroti (sp?)

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Loyal Readers
Yesterdays post, entitled: "I Run Amok" ("amok" being the only word in the English language taken from the Malay language, by the way) drew 105 "hits" from Malaysia.
I really wonder about that.
Are they Googling stuff like "College Girls Run Amok" and just happening upon this blog, or is it not "they" but, rather one person there with a fascination with surviving in a mystical, magical and ever unpredictable wonderland which can also be cold, impersonal, desolate, hostile and depressing; using musical skills alone.
My money is on the college girls....Those horny Malaysians...(-let's see how many hits THAT phrase gets, just for grins and giggles...)
Return Both Promising And Disturbing
18 Dollars
First night back -about 18 bucks; most of which came in the second and last (45 minute) set.
"Because," by The Beatles with harmonica solos has been good to me.
I don't want to be labelled a compulsive workaholic; so I decided to quit at about 10 p.m.
I had other fish to fry.
How does it feel to be $10/pound?
My  3 days off from busking were cold and throughout, I battled eczema, which was my body's way of complaining about the food which I had been eating because it was free.
I am back to only eating free things such as fresh fish (drum, salmon, catfish) sauteed in olive oil with fresh salsa (when available), hot sauce and various vegetables; I am starting to feel better.
Some of the foods, such as the stuffed cabbage rolls, have no ingredient list upon them; and so, I have to consume them and then see if my neck gets stiff; an arm or two goes numb when I try to sleep -forcing me to change my position- due to glands swelling in my throat and impinging  up nerves coming out of my spine and leading to the areas which are prone to become inflamed with eczema, in order to ascertain wheather or not they are laden with hydrogenated soy oil.
My thought, when eating the stuffed cabbage things was that they were just like, or maybe technically were, what my grandmother, who was Polish, made, called I think something that I cannot spell, but pronounced Goo Ump Keys (accent upon 2nd syllable).
And, while they brought back memories of my grandmother, which was good, and while I'm not saying that Rouses Market doesn't prepare them with love, they probably prepare them with a lot of partially hydrogenated soy oil.
My skin should be cleared up within a week at most.
My guitar is cracking along the neck in a spot not far from where the repaired crack is.
I think the guy who fixed it used an fixative which is stronger than the wood itself, and so the wood chose to split in a different spot, after I might have bumped it.
A capo actually acts as a clamp and makes it (more) playable.
Paul, at Webbs Bywater Music say's he can fix it; but I feel like I am racing to save enough money for a new one before this one gets any worse.... 
A very small fan of the harmonica

The harmonica still seems to draw money; and my biggest aversion to playing it is in Barnabys dislike of the instrument, which he expressed  as "I'm just not a big fan of the harmonica."
One mans harmonica is another mans bagpipes.
I do a lot more vocal and guitar stuff with shorter harp solos when he is on his perch; and then go "all Jimi Hendrix" on it after he goes inside....
Vocals "Horrible"
My vocals were disturbingly horrible last night.
Perhaps because of the 3 days off.
Perhaps because of the half a cigar blunt which I smoked.
Perhaps because of the lingering presence of the throat ailment which seems to almost go away, but then to try to come back.
Perhaps because I was being too critical of myself.
"All Metal and Rocks and Water"
The fire department showed up last night at the dock after someone I guess reported seeing the smoke from my fire upon which I was frying veal and fish and vegetables in olive oil.
I had gotten there a bit early, around 11 p.m.
I had already eaten my fill of the delicious meal by the time I saw their flashlight beams cutting swarths, and heard their radios squawking .
I doused the fire at the sight of them and answered in the affirmative their question "Is it out now?" and was able to proceed to sleeping undisturbed, except for the sound of the rats cleaning my plates for me..
"Its just some guy staying under there," I had overheard one to say.
"It's all metal and rocks and water, anyways" had said another.


Alex said...

You might try gargling with salt water each night before going to sleep, to get that quinsy to settle down.

Daniel McKenna said...

Exactly what Dorise told me...she said it comes from singing in the cold...