Saturday, February 22, 2014

30 Dollar Friday

8 Dollar Thursday
Thursday just never really fell into place as far as being in the right place at the right time playing the right song in the right key at the right tempo at the right volume and the "positive" which I took from it was the one 5 dollar tip which I got across the street from the Hotel Monteleone when I was not only playing originals, I was composing them i.e. making them up as I went along.
I was singing a song called "Monsters" which is about the way that I perceived my fellow classmates in Catholic High School at times...ready to compete with me for scholarships and then try to outdo me in college and then in the real world...all the while dressed impeccably.
"Monsters to the left of me monsters to the right...dressed impeccably...."
Then, I made about 30 bucks last night.
The Indiana sounds good....

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Alex said...

Heh - that's how our world is supposed to work. Parents get their kids into the right preschool then the right kindergarten then the right elementary, etc etc etc up into college, it's a high-class rat race. And, the division between rich and poor has gotten *really* wide and is widening.