Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Jar

Money Crunch
My cash is down to around 5 dollars, as I type this, and ponder the going out to the Lilly spot to play some later on tonight.
Last (Monday) night was dismal.
I apparently made 15 dollars less than I spent.
I woke up and scuttled the ideas of trying to buy a case for the Indiana or even doing laundry.
I did have a whole pack of cigarettes which a guy standing next to a Corvette parked by the Rouses Market trash cans had given to me, along with an Arizona green tea and a 5 oz. bag of cashews, probably after seeing me bagging up butchered scraps of meat from there.
It was before midnight and the store was still open; and I attracted the attention of the cop on duty; one whom I have only seen working there a couple times; who walked over and said something like: "Don't be messing with the trash."
But the guy was standing there next to his Corvette like a big brother to me; and after I told the cop that I was sorry and that I didn't intend to leave a mess, and started picking up bags to prove it; and especially after the well dressed guy with the Corvette started helping me in that endeavor by picking up a couple himself and handing them to me; the cops went back inside the store.
I usually tell the cops that I have bought some things from the store; but that I just need something (bread; a few vegetables) to go with it; and I didn't have enough money.
I will call that the "At least he's trying; and we DID get something out of him..." method.
I was happy to see fog increasingly thickening the air as I neared the Mississippi.
It was enough cover for me to scavenge the bank for enough driftwood to build a fire that emitted smoke no thicker than the fog.
The 35 Cent Jar
I have raised the amount of money which I am adding daily to a jar which I keep "under my mattress" at the sleeping spot by 5 cents; to 35 cents per day.
This may seem trivial, but...
The idea is to bolster my confidence in my ability to consistently save money (any amount, for crying out loud...) over the coarse of a long period of time.
It has to be an amount which I just won't miss each day; and it has to accumulate regularly and never be tapped into, for any reason.
I have tried this before with various amounts of money.
Saving one dollar per day was not successful for long, because:
If the amount being saved is too "ambitious," then, after too short a time, it becomes a temptation.
The jars amount should not exceed the amount held otherwise, in other words one should be able to save up on the side (apart from the jar) for  needed purchases. You just can't play a harmonica with 2 plugged holes, knowing that you have enough in your jar for a new one.
Tapping into the jar defeats the purpose.
Had I faithfully started the 35 cent jar on my 18th birthday; and never had to tap into it, it would be worth about $4,216.00 now.
Would I be sleeping under the wharf with that amount hidden in the rocks nearby??
This morning marked the 10th consecutive deposit made to the jar.
I have raised the amount (that I just won't miss each day) to 35 cents for the Mardi Gras season; and may put it back to 30 afterward.
I Love Your Posts!

When Facebook Becomes Fakebook
I have created my first (of many?) fake friend on Facebook, just for giggles
Someone showed me where (Yahoo) I could open an e-mail account for him where he wouldn't have the Catch-22 of needing an existing (primary) e-mail address.
He is based upon the kid who sat to my right in 8th grade, and will have his personality as he comments upon my posts (and likes them all, of course).
It should be fun; and maybe get me used to the idea of having a nom de plume.
I will flesh out his profile before inviting my real friends to friend him.
I can remember my entire 8th grade class as well as remember where they all sat. 
The desks were arranged in a circle tracing the perimeter of the room, with "tables" of 4 interspersed here and there. 
Therefore, it would be easy to use their names, along with easy to reconstruct passwords (based upon the names and a number code derived from them) and have 25 figments of my imagination someday.
A problem might arise because; though no existing e-mail address is needed to register a new account; a mobile phone number IS required.
Can all 25 figments share the same mobile phone without some red flag popping up at Google and Yahoo and Facebook...or NSA headquarters?
I'm not sure...let me ask my friend, Steve.


Alex said...

Instead of Fakebook, why not put that energy into getting Karrie back into your life?

Daniel McKenna said...

Karrie said a while back that she was going to stay here; long enough at least to see her first Mardi gras; and then?
I really think that, now that her life doesn't revolve around getting a 5th of liquor each evening; and a 4 pack of Steel Reserve to wake up with; she wouldn't see the point in getting back with me...she is doing pretty well flying a sign by the Interstate -said she had gotten a motel room the last time I talked to her; she has a shaven head now, for some reason (although the reason might be because it exposes her burned-to-a-crisp-since-infancy left ear; and the scars on her head from being beaten by a two by four (accounts of that vary) and, along with the scar tissue on her arms; it might just add up to a motel room almost every night since she doesn't have a 30 dollar a day booze habit anymore (and now gets food stamps)
I might walk the parade route to around the area where she would be probably checking it out from -near her underpass- tonight; but if I see her, then what..a cup of coffee at Starbucks before we go our separate ways??

Alex said...

But you and she can work the benefits racket, and get an apartment or something, then she can drink all the booze she wants, without having to hold a sign for it; get her playing a tambourine etc playing with you, and it seems like you and she could make some kind of a life together. Liquor's cheaper by the 1.75L bottle anyway, so two could drink about as cheap as one I'd think.

BTW I can't believe what a fucking loser the whole "high tech" thing is. The guy I'm working for can't afford to pay me half the time, and I find myself a lot more inspired to work on my trumpet playing. If I can get decent at it, I can go anywhere and make a dependable living.