Sunday, March 23, 2014

Two Circling Sharks

35 Dollar Saturday
Lilly spot has been beset by skeezers, lately, but they seem to all understand that, when I arrive they need to leave...
It is Sunday and I have 5 minutes to post this.
I did pretty well last night compared to other buskers that I have compared notes with, being careful to pussyfoot around the question of "Where did you play?" after telling them that I made 35 bucks to their 20 bucks...
I bought batteries for the spotlight and am tempted to spend 16 bucks on a micro SD chip reader so that I can once again post pictures here which I took myself; such as one of my latest replacement for the tiposaurus i.e. two plastic sharks circling the tip hat...hey, 35 dollars can't all be wrong....

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  1. It sounds like you have a good spot there. I've been reading this all along, and it looked like first you'd get in with Tanya and Dorise, then you'd fall into an alcoholic hole with Leslie, then I thought you might get together with Karrie again ... but it seems like you've sort of found a "dispersed family" like Lilly, other buskers, etc and have a sort of home spot now.


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