Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday In The Key Of C

I woke up under the dock this (Sunday) morning; with $103.08 on me, plus a 5 dollar chip from Harrahs Casino. The Natchez steamboat was gone. It was 11:08 a.m.
Fine Dining
I also had most of a bag of instant light briquettes next to me and a good amount of food stored in the girders; and had eaten like a pig the night before.
My guitar was snug in its case; the rats had been satisfied with the 3 pounds or so of cheese which I had put out for them; along with the "juice" from the seasoned catfish which had comprised the second course of my meal. The first course was some meat still on the bone which I sizzled up over the flames which the fire initially threw before it settled into embers.
The catfish, I did in a tin foil basting pan with olive oil and sesame oil, salt, garlic, pepper and then, a bit of cheese after I took it off the flames. As it further cooled, I poured in some fresh salsa and finally dumped some blue corn chips in there, so they would soften up a bit and absorb a bit of the broth.
Money And Investing
The "3%" jar hit about 15 dollars, after I dropped the $2.40 in this morning, after making 80 bucks the previous (Saturday) night. Some quick math would seem to indicate that in the past 15 days (since I started the 3% jar) I have made about $490.
A guy had given me the chip on Thursday morning, as I walked Bourbon Street with the Indiana Scout (still) out of its case; and wound up playing something for him. I was on a mission to get a case for the Scout. I had 58 dollars; and had settled upon walking to Webbs Bywater Music and spending 35 bucks on one.
This wouldn't leave me very much money for a capo and a new harmonica and a charger for my Android phone; and a micro SD chip for same phone -so that I can do things like show a photo of the actual chip which the guy gave me, instead of the simulation shown below, but I figured that protecting the guitar should be my highest priority at this point.
I wound up making back the money for the case in short order, by playing a Steve Miller song; as expounded upon in yesterdays post...
I started to add:
$3.58 -vodka and juice
$5.00 -weed
$3.35 -cigarettes
$8.00 -briquettes
$3.00 -coffee
up the money that I had spent the previous day and thought of how rich I might be if I could kick my addictions and live the Tanya and Dorise lifestyle!
Back To Wednesday
Wednesday night, the day after Mardi Gras ended, I slept at the sign spot, and under the statue of Simon
Bolivar; my guitar still without a case.
After a hot shower and a change into clothes which had just come out of the laundry at the Veterans Center
Laundry Debacle
(I had spent almost 7 bucks the day before at The Clothes Spin -the laundromat which used to be a recording studio and where Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Louis, Little Richard, Professor Longhair, and others recorded some of their classic hits- but I overstuffed the machine with my sleeping bag and clothes and they came out soggy wet, soapy and still smelling like rat shit; plus, I couldn't get "Bop bop a lu la bop wop bam" out of my head the whole time my clothes were washing).
I didn't know if I would wind up getting a ride to Guitar Center from Tanya or Dorise to get a gig bag that day; and I didn't want to smell like rat shit.
The Veterans Center washes them for free; I'm not sure you even have to be a Vet -Karrie washes hers there often- and they come out very hot and clean; but you have to be there early. 7:30 a.m. would be a good time to show up.
"They ain't gonna come clean stuffed like that!!"
So, I slept at the sign spot which is within a half mile of the place, and where I usually wake up early at, due to the sun rising. Under the dock it is a lot darker, and my average waking time there seems to be close to noon.
I was up and at the center by 8 a.m.
33 Dollar Friday
Friday, there were some gutter punk types banging on a banjo and maybe a mandolin about 200 feet from the Lilly spot.
This is just close enough so that I could hear them.
They were entertaining enough, with their terrible vocalist doing songs like "Laid Back, (with my mind on my money; and my money on my mind)" by Snoop Dogg -on a banjo and mandolin.
They must have been making good, because they just wouldn't go away.
I had about 10 bucks in my case when I decided to take a break. They were still going.
I think my best defense of the Lilly spot would have to be to arrive early and often. Nobody is going to set up right on top of me.
I couldn't see if these kids were new here.
After I returned from the break, they were still playing, but stopped shortly thereafter and I went on to make the above amount.
I was thrown a 20 dollar bill by someone which I put in a special place "so that I won't lose it" and then forgot about doing so, and then wracked my brains later on over "I could swear I got a 20, but where is it?!?" 
80 Dollar Saturday
I was back under the dock that night.
I cooked an excellent meal over briquettes and went to sleep.
Then, Saturday was an occasion when I left the dock during the 11:45 a.m. run of the Natchez (it returns at approximately 1:10 p.m.)
"Put It On Black!"
I had 60 bucks on me, plus the 5 dollar "put it on black!" chip from Harrahs Casino.
The chip (which is plastic and not all like the photo above) was given to me by a guy whom I had run into on Bourbon Street Thursday morning and who asked me if I knew of any music stores.
This lead to a conversation which eventually lead to him giving me his business card and telling me that if I was ever in a small town in Wisconsin a few miles outside of Milwaukee, to look him up because he runs an open mic night somewhere there...
Let It Ride??
And, he said: "I don't have any cash, but this is a 5 dollar chip from Harrahs"
I thanked him and told him that I was already wondering if I should "let it ride."
"Hey, put it on black!," said Mark Kenner from Wisconsin with a shrug of his shoulders; before we parted.
I still have the chip; 3 days, huh???
New Harmonica
Yes, it is time to at least invest in my business with the purchase of a $9.99 Hohner "New Orleans Special," harmonica.
Dave (from Dave and Roselyn) said that he doesn't like them because they are "soft and wear out fast," but what do I want from a 10 dollar harp??
Sunday Night
It is now Sunday evening. The clocks have sprung ahead one hour and so this coffee shop is closing soon, at this point.
I have gotten my juice and vodka and a sack of herb and a coffee and a refill and am starting out $10.58 in the hole. It never to The French Market to get a new harmonica in the key of C!!


Alex said...

I'd get a G, they're lowest and I think sound best. C is what everyone is told to start with though and will sound most like "Hey, like the harp I have at home".

Harmonicas are fussy little beasts, take care, cleaning, etc. Serious players are pretty good "mechanics" at least as far as being able to open one up and clean it out with a soft brush and so on.

The ideal instrument has never been come up with, I guess.

Alex said...

BTW check out the adult Southern Flannel Moth on Wikipedia or something; they look like a little teeny Mardi Gras Indian.