Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Flat Tuesday

Start Of Lent
Mardi Gras Hampered By Weather
Start Of Lent
Ironically, the Lenten season began on the same day that my food card got charged with 189 bucks.
Common Phenomenon
There is a recurrent phenomenon here.
Almost consistently; something that you need comes packaged with something that you can do without.
For example, Bilal gave me my beautiful guitar and, then a little later that same night; showed up where I was standing outside of Rouses Market and handed me a hot plate of food and a bag, containing a few items.
"Here you go, this is hot!" he said, and I graciously accepted it.
The food looked and smelled delicious but; alas was close to the worse thing that I could possibly eat*, due to my struggles to digest hydrogenated soybean oil et. al. As well meaning as the guy had been...
*I think French Fries dipped in mayonnaise and a steady diet of nothing but Honey Buns are tied for the worst thing that I could possibly live off of, without having "reactions."
$321 Mardi Gras
I made the amount above over the coarse of Mardi Gras week.
Pretty much hampered by 3 days upon which it was too cold to play.....

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Alex said...

$321! There you go, you got a room to rent! I've rented rooms in Mountain View and San Jose just on word of mouth, offer to pay $15 or $20 a day, and this is Expensive-ville.