Thursday, March 13, 2014

Giving Tipping Up For Lent

  • The Lull After The Carnival
  • 11 Dollar Monday
  • 15 Dollar Tuesday
  • 6 Dollar Wednesday
  • Tarentino Leaves on Bus
  • Red or Black For The Chip
I Still Have It; Ready to bet on black...
It is now Thursday.
The money has dwindled from 103 dollars, down to 30 dollars; but I have a brand new case on the guitar, and have gotten a charger for my Android phone, as well as a new set of strings, and the 5 dollar casino chip.
I am thinking of putting it upon "black" at the roulette table, as per the advice of the guy who gave it to me (He had offhandedly said "Hey, put it on black!" after I had mused: "Should I cash it in, or let it ride?")
Now I need a micro sd card reader ($15) to post pictures here, a capo, a new harmonica, and will soon need batteries for my spotlight. It would be good to have at least a 25 dollar Thursday night...
I have been able to stay faithful to the "3%" jar under my "mattress," though have only added the minimum deposit of 35 cents the past 3 days.
After kicking Tarentino to the curb Sunday night, I returned to the Lilly spot and played for only another hour before a cop stopped in front of me and pointed to his watch.
This same cop (a heavyset black Sargent) has done this a couple times before, but only during quiet seasons; between Mardi Gras and Jazzfests and French Quarter Festivals and the like. He doesn't ask for ID, nor write a ticket (anymore; I think Lilly has spoken with him before.
Lilly To The Rescue
Tuesday night,  a different cop arrived at 11 p.m. a younger black cop. He was following the book and taking the hard line; and was in the process of taking down my SSN, after telling me to stand where I was and "don't move," when up walked Lilly with Chantilly in tow.
"What's going on?" asked Lilly.
I made some joke about "I'll be banging out license plates," or something.
"No!" said Lilly.
She was then at his open window, as his pen paused in mid stroke upon his ticket book; and I heard snippets of "He's a nice guy; doesn't bother anybody; I know that there are laws on the books, I own this property and...etc.
I chatted with to Chantilly, rather than try to hear everything.
Soon, the officer drove off; seemingly with a sigh of relief.
Lilly and her daughter then just marched through their gate unceremoniously (as if the officer had delayed them long enough ) and disappeared; as if not wanting to be hugged and thanked profusely.
Wednesday (last) night, I played from about 9 p.m. until 11 p.m. and no cops even rode by.

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