Thursday, March 27, 2014

Friday Afternoons Quick Rant

Jake played next to the red door (far left)

Thursday morning has been historically the point in the week when I "hit bottom" financially.
I can remember getting my first couple Hurricanes on credit from Sam at The Unique Boutique, as recently as a year ago, before going out and usually making at least enough to pay him back, buy a couple more and pocket about 7 or 8 bucks..
I have had about a month long streak of not waking up broke. Since acquiring the Indiana guitar; actually.
Thursday morning, I had $3.25, after making the minimum deposit of 35 cents into the-jar-which-will-never-be-touched.
I had slept rather fitfully, after having eaten glazed yams and corn with cold cuts of ham, sauteed in olive and sesame oils with garlic powder, salt, pepper etc.
I woke up at one point with an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach, thinking about the 5 dollar chip which I had carried around for almost two weeks, which was now gone.
The 11 Black Matter
The "coincidence" which I blogged about yesterday was actually higher in
When Sue, the Colombian Lady and I went into the casino almost 2 years ago now, I had wanted to bet, but didn't because of the minimum of $25, and the number which came up that time was the same one which "jumped out at me" when I walked up and took my first close up look at a roulette wheel
"What are those green numbers and what do they mean?"
"Well, can I play the green zero?"
"There is a minimum bet of 25 dollars..."
A bit too rich for my blood at the time...
Then, the green zero came up.*
Then, being drunk, I said something like "I would have let it ride on black 11," before Sue and I walked off.
People scurried to place bets on black 11, apparently ready to suspend their judgment of a homeless looking drunk guy with a Colombian lady with a cat in a cat carrier in tow when it comes to "luck." I guess Lady Luck comes in different disguises...
We left before finding out if we had been good luck charms or not...
Then, after getting this 5 dollar chip 2 weeks ago, I had attempted to place it on black, but was rebuffed by the same 25 dollar minimum.
It came up black 11. I would have won.
Then, today, after finding a table where one could bet as little as 5 dollars, I placed the chip on black and it came up black 11 (again).
But, then I lost it to a black 6 after I bet it on blogged about already.
11 Dollar Thursday Night
Thursday evening I tapped into the-jar-that-will-never-be-touched for about 13 bucks over the coarse of the night (I had thrown it in my backpack before coming out; seriously considering carrying only $3.25 on me, but deciding to borrow against the jar instead).
Something told me to play at the spot vacated by Jake (who was reportedly suffering from cancer, and who had not been seen there in weeks; after having been a fixture there for years).
I played at "Jakes spot" and was thrown about 8 or 9 dollars, an amount made more significant by the the fact that there were musicians to my left and my right, less than 100 feet away.
I was wailing on the harmonica and only did two songs: "Golden Slumbers," by The Beatles, and"Wild World," by Cat Stevens, both with extended harmonica solos.
I was taking advantage of the distance from Barnaby (with his aversion to the harmonica) to "let it rip."
After I finished and walked past the girl 100 feet away who plays a harp (a real harp, but a miniature one) said "Your harmonica sounded really good."
Regardless of what Barnaby say's, I feel like I can always make at least something with my harmonica playing.
I still owe the jar 17 is Friday afternoon. It has been raining all day, with especially hard downpours early this morning which caused me to actually re-arrange the rocks under the drain spout because I was being splashed...heavy downpours.
I hope to play tonight and will probably start at the Jake spot.
I learned this morning that Jake died.
He died 3 days ago, on the night when I first felt compelled to play at his spot, as if it was calling to me with a red carpet rolled out.
I think I play as well there as anywhere, especially since I don't have residents (who have extended the courtesy of letting me jam in their neighborhood and who might have aversions to the harmonica) to worry about there. And, now the spirit of Jake is there for me. I was one of the few people whom he got along with, I think.....


alex carter said...

It seems like things are a lot less hard for you now, I had my doubts during your Leslie period, but you shook him off, and it seems like you've got a place where you're accepted and people will even "go to bat" for you like Lilly.

Does that trumpet player actually play simple-ass shit like "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" etc.? "Peter Cottontail" 'n' shit like that? I've kinda had the impression I need to be able to play a pretty mean "Take 5" before trying my skills out in NOLA. Maybe it's not that hard.

Daniel McKenna said...

The guy that sits on the river walk plays about 7 songs, total:
-Itsy Bitsy spider
-Sesame Street
-Here comes the bride
-"From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli..." Marine Hymn?
-"We're In The Army Now..." Army Theme?
-Pee Wee Herman Theme
-Nobody Knows The Troubles I've Seen
-Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
-My Cherie Amour
-Isn't She Lovely
OK, 12 songs total (I was selling him short)
Plays for about an hour and a half and gets about 15 to 20 tippers; but I can't see what they are throwing...a twenty or two, and there he he is retired and getting SS

alex carter said...

Wow. OK so Misty's not bad, and Isn't She Lovely is a lovely song, but most of that is hokum and not in a good way. Yeah that's the Marines Hymn by John Philip Sousa by the way.

I wonder if trumpet is just that well thought of (or just plain loud) that it's a tip magnet?

There are rocks in my financial road (don't ever work for a guy who's broke much of the time) and it's about time I start getting out there.