Friday, April 4, 2014

Coming Photos

Replacing the tiposaurus for the mean time...
  • Sharks Circle 35 Dollars
  • Karrie, On
  • I See Howard
  • Photo Chip Replaced

Yesterday, after drinking coffee all afternoon and blogging, I sallied forth at 6 p.m. to get my first swill of whiskey before going to the Lilly spot, where I made about 35 dollars, playing about 4 sets; with bathroom runs to Lafitts Blacksmith Shop Tavern in between.
20 Dollar Bill Difference Maker
One lady gave me a 20 dollar bill, after pointing out to me that I had misspelled the word "stimulus" on my sign which reads: "Street Musician Stumulis Package" and points to my circling sharks.
I was embarrassed about that, being an English/Music degree holder from an accredited college; and it dawned upon me that the sign has not been garnering the same amount in tips, as when it was correctly spelled.
I suppose that the "sophistication" of humor needs to be reflected in details like spelling and grammar.
Karrie, off
Karrie, On
I have not seen Karrie, but the last time that I did, she was talking about purchasing a bus ticket to somewhere; and sounding like it was an impending thing.
I asked her where she was headed; and she told me; but it slips my mind right now...Texas??
Perhaps that is a Freudian type of slip, on my part.
We didn't seem to have much in common, now that she no longer seems to live for a fifth of whiskey and someone to wrap her arms around each night. 
Now she lives for....?
She had been spending a lot of time on the library computers, working upon reading and writing.
I Replace Chip Reader
I finally, after having a 35 dollar night, and realizing that, if I procrastinate upon replacing my micro SD card reader (so that I can post photos here off my phone, like the one of Karrie [left]) thinking that I will increase my available cash by playing tonight; what will probably happen is, I will decrease my available cash by having a shitty night and then will not replace the chip; I replaced the chip, to the tune of about 16 dollars.
I thought this one was pretty cool...
So, to take advantage of my capabilities now, here are more photos...

The Day I Was Born
I guess my  birth wasn't the only big event of October 12th, 1962.
I think that "Vatican Two," was enacted upon the same day, changing the Catholic mass from Latin to English, but had thought that my birth trumped that.
Now, more competition...

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alex carter said...

Wow, if you ever mentioned it, I guess I missed your saying that you've got a college degree. Wow, English/Music, I can say that it's a lot better choice than anything tech related, where the norm is to rack up all kinds of debt and then work for min. wage or near it to pay it all off.

I wish I'd had the balls to just go for a music degree, I'd have paid for college as I went, and I'd have a decent career now. Now I have to try to start the career now, and we're only about a month apart in age. (You're a month younger, sonny.)