Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Moldova Checks In
United States

It's that little speck (and I mean that affectionately) near the Mediterranean Ocean very near Macedonia, I think...
32 Dollar Wednesday
Well, I left the library yesterday and walked into the quarter, thinking that it would be nice to have a "miracle" happen, financially.
I was living upon the-jar-that-can-never-be-tapped-into, and I had woken up owing it 14 dollars.
Skeezers were everywhere.
I had 8 single bills in my pocket when I came out of The Unique Boutique, after buying cigarettes and 2 cans of malt liquor.
A skeezer accosted me with "Excuse me, can you spare a dollar?"
I pulled the 8 bills out of my pocket and began to count them in front of him.
I really think that he thought that I was about to give him more than just the dollar that he had tried to skeeze; and that I was counting them up before handing them to him. He kind of shot a subtle glance at the other skeezers, standing nearby.
Those glances always seem to be communicating: "I got a sucker, here!" to the other skeezers, the way I read them.
After counting out the bills, while he stood there; unable to quell the urge to stretch out a hand and start reaching for them , I said: "No -doesn't look like it; I've got less than 10 bucks here; sorry..."
I got the the Lilly spot, and decided that I was just going to work it as long as I could and hope for the best...
A 20 Dollar Tip
I hadn't been playing long before a couple guys walked up; a son and his dad.
I was in the process of changing a string; and they said that they would wait until I had done so, because they wanted to hear an original song.
The kid was in town for some kind of motorcycle race, which he was going to participate in.
Then, up walked Brigidette, after having kissed the llama which a guy has been sitting with a couple blocks up the street from the Lilly spot, and educating tourists about llamas (photo courtesy of her Facebook page; as we are now "friends").
She gave me a 20 dollar tip; and the guys added 10 more, after I played "Crazy About A Crazy Girl," for them.
Brigette, at the Lilly Spot

Brian, doing his thing; he's pretty good at it, I hear...

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alex carter said...

The picture of the guy wiping out on his BMX bike is classic!