Monday, June 30, 2014

I Buy A New Shirt

Yesterday, I came out from under the dock, after having had the 18 dollar Saturday; and having spent 28 bucks the whole day; with 78 bucks on me.
I went and bought a new shirt. The one that I was wearing, I had wiped my face upon; and it had coffee and mustard and olive oil stains upon it.
It should hide rat feces stains pretty well
I was eventually on my way to the Lilly spot, but came across Tanya and Dorise, at the intersection of St. Louis and Royal Streets.
Well, soon, Balil (the guy who gave me the guitar that I'm playing) showed up.
There was already evidence of him there in the form of his 2014 Corvette, parked near the spot where T&D were breaking down their stuff.
We broke into a jam which is becoming customary between us; on "Big River," by Johnny Cash, or Johnny Mercer, or Merle Haggard, I forget...
Soon, someone threw a bill into Tanya and Dorise' basket, which was sitting there.  
Tanya immediately fetched "it" and came and laid a 5 dollar bill next to me.
I think the person might have thrown a 1 dollar bill in on top of all their money and Tanya just grabbed a 5 and brought it over.
"I taught that weeping willow how to cry, cry, cry..."
She may have been enacting some kind of Buddhist principle where you, unknown to the person, give him something and you thereby feed positive energy into the 7 pedaled flower of selflessness and nurture it at the cosmic level; helping it to blossom several-fold in your life.
But I was wise to her, so I probably screwed her out of her blessing; my bad...
Maybe if she reads this blog, she will walk up to me and say: "No, he really DID throw 5 dollars!"
(Trying to recoup her blessing, of course, bless her for trying...)
But, I had a new shirt on; and a crisp 5 dollar start to the night; and I didn't add much to it; but I discovered how to shoot a video on this laptop and, well...let's see if t works....
Here's A Song That I Don't Remember Doing, But I Kinda Like It , It's called
F*****g Paula


  1. I think it's the Buddhist principle of, "Be kind to the skeezer who might defend you from other skeezers later". And "And it's only $5, which is next to nothing, Grasshopper".

  2. It might have been that when I paid Dorise back the 5 that she had lent me; and she really couldn't remember lending it to me (it really IS "only 5 dollars" she threw it in their general basket. I said, Now you're splitting it with Tanya when it came out of your pocket..."
    She might have said to Tanya afterwards: "I didn't lend him 5 bucks, I think he's just being Daniel..."
    But, I am prepared to use myself as a human shield the next time the bullets start flying, cradling Tanyas violin in the fetal position, so I guess the 5 might be considered an investment

  3. by the way "Fucking Paula" (along with the commentary upon it on YouTube; is a slight glimpse into the direction that my music is taking...It's my favorite, so far..

  4. Dippy Danny's Skeezer Sawngs!!!

    I say, go for it and don't bleep out words like fucking, either. You'll be a hit.


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