Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shooting For Seven Days

2 hours of my life spent doing this, today...
  • 6th Day Sober
  • Spent The Day Cartooning
  • 1 Dollar Tuesday
  • Weather Remains Cool
  • Dying For A Drink
  • Answer To Alex In California's Comment

Late Start
Yesterday, I blogged, and then I went to Harrah's Casino to change the Australian money into American money. I got about $16.30 off of 20 dollars worth of it...
Then, I plugged in at their Starbucks, bought a coffee for $2.67 -casino prices- and continued to work on the computer until about 10:30 PM.
Leaving there, I slowly made my way towards the Lilly spot.
The Turtle Cartoon
The cartoon, I decided to do to post on Facebook along with a status of: "I feel like a turtle on its back on the rim of a volcano."
Uninvited Guests
There were 2 homeless people sleeping right in front of Lillys house. "Are you serious?" I asked them.
"We've slept here before," said the female; a woman of about 50, who looks like she has lived on the street for most of those 50 years.
"Well, I play here every night," I said, as a preamble to setting up and playing, without regards for whether or not I would be disturbing them.
I thought I sounded pretty good with new strings and harmonica. There were not a lot of people out, at 11:30 PM, when I got there.
People might have thought that we were all together, and that might have had something to do with the fact that I only made 1 dollar in about an hour.
One Lousy Sandwich
I went to Rouses Market for discarded food, finding as I walked up, a guy already digging through the bins. "I ain't found nothing; they didn't throw anything away; no sandwiches; nothing!" he said.
Shedding my flashlight on the situation didn't reveal anything other than a bag with a chunk of deli ham, some bread and some cheese. I hastily made and ate a sandwich, bagged the remainder up for the pigeons in the morning and went to the sign spot to sleep.
Changing Paper Into Plastic
Not before stopping at Walgreens and purchasing a pre-paid Master Card, putting 20 dollars on it.
According to their website, I have activated it, after providing them information.
I just am unable to sign in to their page to check my balance.
I am trying to get a battery for this laptop.
I found a decent USB microphone for about 18 dollars on E-bay. I might get the battery first, so that I can go on location to a quiet spot to use the microphone.
A Wasted Trip
I still have about 30 dollars; but this is after having gotten 50 dollars from my mom for my birthday; and 16 dollars and change off of the Australian money.
I took a bus to Wal-Mart to try to put money on the card which I had gotten from them almost a year ago. They kept getting a message saying "unable to transact this debit" or something.
They told me to call the number on the card; which I did; but the robot on the other end kept telling me that I was entering invalid numbers....
After burning up $2.50 in bus fare; and spending $3 on energy drinks, while waiting for the bus at Wal-Mart, I just went to Walgreens and bought their version of the same thing...
Dying For A Drink
I would say, here, to half expect tomorrows post to be something about: "Started Drinking Again, After 6 Days Off."
I don't know what is triggering it; except that it was cold for the second night in a row last night.
I neglected to go and get more layers of clothing to put on; guessing wrongly that it would be a tad warmer last night.
As the temperatures are forecast to become more seasonal in the coming days, I thought that they might start moving in that direction. They didn't, and I was just as uncomfortable last night as the previous one; wrapping myself in cardboard to block the wind (the cardboard has been wet and dried so many times that it is flexible).
Then, there was Leslie Thompson, whom I ran into while waiting for the bus to take me to Wal-Mart. He is getting a check on Thursday for $540 from the past two weeks that he has worked at the New Orleans University, doing whatever he does, for what he describes as a "rinky-dink operation."

He wants me to go with him to the music store that day, and he promises to buy me a brand new Marine Band harmonica, in the key of my choice. That might be a trigger.
Making only one dollar yesterday might be a trigger, also....
Photomaloptisism victim
Comment Reply: Alex In California
Alex said, commenting as "anonymous,:" There must be a scientific term for people who are butt ugly but love to take pictures of themselves.
I have come up with a term for the behavior: "maloptification"
And, the person doing it would  be a "photomaloptic."

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alex carter said...

Your words sound more scientific than "a case of but buttuglys" lol.

Signing in here is weird, I have this laptop on real internet once a week, I have the 4g tablet on 4g internet but it only lets me use one of my email addresses .... it's weird.