Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sugar Blues

3rd Day Sober
$15.50 Saturday

Sugar Blues
I woke up the final time around noon, this morning, after having had a fitful nights sleep, marred by strange dreams.
I have to deduce that this turmoil was caused by the fact that I ate an entire box of Life cereal before laying down at about 2:30 a.m.
I almost never eat "sucrose." There have probably been entire years which have elapsed throughout my life when I had no more than a couple of teaspoons of sugar.
I read a book called Sugar Blues (William T, Dufty) when I was about 19, and I cut sugar out of my diet, entirely.
This morning, after eating the sugared cereal, I felt like I had a hangover; as if I had gotten too drunk last night; though I hadn't drank a drop.
It was a lesson learned; no more sucrose.
I played last night and only recovered $15.50 of the 45 dollars which I had spent that day.
But I have a brand new harmonica in C, a brand new tiposaurus (which is actually an alligator, until I get a real plastic dinosaur) and had fresh batteries for the spotlight; and was playing and singing as well as ever. The new set of strings, I never put on. I don't know how much more I would have made with their bright sound. Other musicians were complaining about a slow night.
A wedding party came by; and one guy wanted me to play harmonica while he played "Keep Your Hands To Yourself, by George Thorougood, for the groom to be. He said that they would tip me.
The party came along and he serenaded the guy, but nobody tipped me. I had the feeling that the family didn't really like they guy; despite the fact that he was invited to the wedding...
That could have easily turned a 15 dollar night into a 35 or 65 dollar night.
The money will take care of itself; since; what do I have to spend it on?
The new headphones sound great, and it doesn't cost me anything to sit and listen to and learn music.
I'm working on "Travis picking" lately.

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