Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Time To Go Out

A Year Ago Today
A year ago, today, I had just started hanging out with Leslie Thompson, after having been acquainted with him for a while, but never having hung out.
We had our first jams with guitar and 2 harmonicas; which had gone well; but then for the ensuing ones, Leslie showed up too drunk, and wound up laying on the sidewalk, while I played; my tip jar suffering from having someone laying on the sidewalk next to me.
Tuesday (today)
This morning, I woke up to my alarm, which was set for 8:38 AM.
I had $1.75 in my pocket; and a prepaid debit card which has a balance of $15.51 on it.
I stuffed my extra clothing into my pack, cleaned the trash from my spot; folded the cardboard and put it up in the trees; leery of southern flannel moths the whole time; and then headed for The Rebuild Center, to check the mail.
My replacement food stamp card had arrived with about $195 on it.
Karrie was there.
I came to the library and ripped some CDs to my hard drive, such as "2013 Grammy Nominees," and Marvin Gaye "Super Hits."
Now it is the evening and I am about to go out. I ran into Bilal, who gave me a few dollars.

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alex carter said...

A big problem with your page lately is, when someone goes to it, a huge ad loads that opens a 2nd browser window and covers the whole page.

They'd better be paying you plenty!