Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Time For Unity

I woke up with a touch of the bronchitis; which has had me coughing a bit lately; that coppery tasting variety of phlegm.

Sacred Heart Apartments (Unity)
It was somewhere around 8 AM, I was guessing.

My phones battery is dead. And it is stuck on "car kit," again; effectively shutting off all sound from the thing.

I think the car kit feature is implemented through the charging plug. If the charging plug is plugged in to a car adapter, then all the sound is heard through the car's speakers. If the pins inside that plug are mangled, from having the plug shoehorned and wedged into the socket, which has become loose; then the phone might think that it is plugged into a car.

I didn't know what time it was.

I wanted to put my laundry in at the VA Center; make an appointment to see "healtcare for the homeless," about my bronchitis; and perhaps even check my mail for Christmas cards at the Rebuild Center.

I decided not to gamble on carrying all my clothes up there at such an hour, which may have been later than I thought.


I got to The Rebuild Center around 11 AM, and was told by sister Emily; about another instance of  Travers, my Unity caseworker looking for me.

She sent Travers a text message.

I was on my way to the VA Center, to take a shower and change in to my last set of clean clothes; before my appointment with the doctor, when I ran into yet another Unity worker, who also sent Travers a text message.
Travers called her back; and I was soon being led by Vallerie, a case manager, to the VA office on Poydras Street.

We were both thoroughly x-rayed.

Vallerie had to take off her boots; and I had to take my laptop out of my pack and show it to them.

I have seen a lot of  x-rays of my backpack; and it is amazing how much the laptop and the coils of used guitar strings, along with the harmonicas; can look like an improvised explosive device. Add the Snowball microphone to the picture for extra scariness; and I knew that I was going to have to open it.

I emerged with paperwork which I am going to need to get the ball rolling; or rather keep the ball rolling (it's been in motion for 2+ years, now).


The doctor called in a prescription for another inhaler. The one I have has lasted 4 months and I hadn't used it for months, before the past few days.

It is possible that the quilt from under the dock is the cause of the symptoms; or that the tooth, which doesn't pain me; but which will still probably have to be pulled out of my lower jaw -just above the gland which is frequently swollen and/or feeling like quinsey- is contributing.

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Alex said...

You'll just have to keep with it, years ago I had to deal with a military court and it took me 4 years to get it done, and most people on section 8 have gotten on it by spending up to 10 years on the waiting list.