Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Curtain For Certain

My upcoming CD is going to blow away any previously posted music to the right sidebar. That music will be deleted and upgraded....
I am at Starbucks on this Tuesday night, which is an unseasonably warm temperature in the 60's.

Of course I have to busk.
Sunday, I cheated on my alcohol free diet with a bottle of wine; which was South American, and thus, pretty cheap.
Monday, I cheated again; in the same way, shape and form.
I am working on the CD methodically; not going on to the next step until the previous one is up to par.
Yesterday, I layed down a guitar track on "Like A Rolling Stone," the Bob Dylan song; and that one is "in the can," awaiting vocals and harmonica; and possibly a tambourine; should I come into enough money to buy one. A good one can approach 50 dollars.
I am about to add a feature to this text formatting program which will boldface "important" persons, places and things.
I am thinking of prefacing the particular word with "bb," in order to tell the program to boldface the word (or to write in the HTML code which will do it). There are no words in the language which start with "bb," and, since my hands will already be on the keyboard; it will be easy to put two "b"s in front of a word that I want to appear bold ("ii" will italicize).
I am pretty broke; but, thanks to a parcel which arrived from the Lidgleys of London, I was able to take a whole day off to work on the CD.

Along with a shower curtain (shown), the parcel had a couple packs of smokes (I was dying for a cigarette when the knock came at my door bringing the news that a package had arrived, addressed to me.
The Lidgleys were pretty resourceful in finding my apartment number in a previous post here; and finding the zip code online.
There was also 20 dollars; and another Starbucks gift card.
I am about to see if I can buy someone their coffee on it; in exchange for cash of an equal or lesser amount.
That way; I can go to the Lilly Spot, on this balmy evening, and play while having the security of streetcar fare in my pocket.
You Tryin' To Skeeze ME?!?
To Be Continued...
Mardi Gras cannot be far away; as evidenced by the police barricades which are positioned around the Quarter; ready to hold back crowds....

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