Monday, April 27, 2015

India House Hostel For Hostile Johnny B.

I saw Johnny B. emanating from the general direction of the India House Hostel, early this morning (about 1 AM). He must have played in the Quarter until after midnight.
Johnny Goes Around The Corner
Johnny's new roommates (left) at the India House Hostel ($15 a night, and right around the corner from my apartment).
I'm surprised that they let him in, considering the "dive" that he took, in going to there from my dwelling...

I hadn't gone out to play, it being a Sunday, and the clock working against me.

I was tired, and hungry and so I ate a good meal, and then went to sleep.

I have finally contacted the food stamp people, and my caseworker said that she was going to send me a letter, pertaining to my account.

I am afraid that this letter might notify me of a reduction in my food stamp amount, based upon the fact that I now have an "assisted living" unit at Sacred Heart Apartments, where my rent and utilities are paid for.

I still had no income to report (it is  a jinx against further income for a busker to ever claim that he makes anything at all) and so, I may remain at the same amount of $194 per month.

Rouses Market has stopped putting discarded food out at night, and what an unfortunate time, for me, for them to have invoked this policy, as I could have filled my freezer with a months worth of food in just a few days, out of their freshly expired refuse...
"Push over, ladies, I don't bite" -Johnny B.

Not too shabby, for $15/night....


Alex said...

Even I didn't things would go bad this quickly.

I have noticed among street musicians, the ones who speak badly about other ones tend to turn out to be assholes.

That India hostel sounds like a deal, but if I ever visit I'll probably see about renting a room from dorise.

Daniel McKenna said...

Yeah, I don't think that the methadone is a "cure" and probably makes him just as cranky coming down off it as anything else; poor guy has to busk for probably 8 hours each week; just to feel "normal"
Street musicians who speak badly about the other ones, as well as everyone else they encounter in a typical day; are even worse assholes

Anonymous said...

glad that dead beat hit the bricks!! I didnt trust him..never trust a junkie Daniel!!

Alex said...

Daniel listen to Mr anonymous!