Monday, April 6, 2015

Let us see; It is Monday.
19 Dollar Friday
I drank at the end of Friday night, after, having made about 18 bucks; I found a whole 12 pack of Abita Amber beer, a local brew which isn't cheap. It was sitting by a trash can with droplets of water condensing upon the still cold bottles.
One of them had broken, when the 12 pack had been dropped; and I imagine that whomever dropped it was afraid that more than one of the bottles had broken and that there would be shards of glass in the bottles which had just been fractured but had unloosed glass fragments from the fissures where the glass had fractured....
I also imagine that the friends of whomever had dropped it had argued successfully that he didn't need any more beer, if he is just dropping things on the ground...
Or, perhaps the beer was meant to be brought to a party, in a car with nice clean upholstery, the owner of which didn't want his car to smell like the beer which was dripping out of the 12 pack from at least one (but possibly more) broken bottles. What if one of them exploded inside the Audi?
Maybe it was to be presented as a gift to the host of a party that they were en route to, and they realized that you can't bring a dripping 12 pack to someone's house party....
Whatever the reason, there was an 11 pack of cold Abita beer just sitting there; and I decided that I would stuff them in my pack, which I did; and I cracked one open and drank it; as I walked from where I had found it; one block from the Lilly spot; to the Unique Grocery; where I had at least a half hour to kill before the next cable car was to come.
I was going to be "the guy who is giving beers away," but, to my mild surprise, I was not skeezed once, as I sat there with a few unopened Abitas on the sidewalk next to me.
It was the 2nd of the month and a lot of street people had just gotten their "checks" the previous day...
24 Dollar Saturday
Disappointment, again at the Goodwill
Saturday, I woke up and had thoughts of going to the Goodwill to get the Philips home stereo thing.
It not only had a CD player, it had an AM/FM radio, to go with its speakers which were not very powerful, but were very clean sounding.
It also had a jack for an AM antenna, which I think if very neat. I used to have a tuned AM antenna and could pull in stations from 1,000 miles a way; like WBZ, in Boston.
The Philips had been sold, leaving only another "boom box" which had more powerful speakers which looked like they could handle bass; but the CD player was apparently not functional. "The CD don't work, but the radio works good" was written upon a piece of masking tape, stuck to the thing.
It was very tempting; to be able to crank up my freshly recorded compositions to hear what they are going to sound like, through cranked up boom boxes (once they, you know, flood the market).
Took the night of from playing;  It had been raining off and on.
I went instead to the Winn Dixie and bought 75 dollars worth of the heaviest food items; and then took it back to the apartment, all 60 pounds of it (2 gallons of water, half gallon of juice, sweet potatoes, canned goods, big bottle of olive oil, 5 pounds of frozen fish....lots of cans....

It is now Monday night, and I go out to play; after a little bit of gin; 

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