Friday, May 29, 2015

42 Dollar Thursday

A Trip To The Wal-Mart
It is Friday afternoon.
A 42 dollar Thursday night, which ran just short of 3 hours, and which has brought my coffers up to about $77.88* has me poised to get an all day bus pass in a little while, then go to the Wal-Mart, next door to which is The Notary Shoppe.
It is already past 4 PM.
I had set my alarm, at 6 AM, ahead to about 1 PM, thinking that I would have to scurry to a notary to get the letter notarized, so that I won't have to go through job training school under threat of losing my food stamps.
I overslept, after the alarm somehow hadn't gone off, or I slept through it.
A call to The Notary Shoppe has me breathing easier, as they are open until 7 PM. And they are open tomorrow (Saturday).
I have the $77.88, and reasonable expectations of making more tonight, as my playing is now consistently in tune (thanks to the Snark tuner) and pretty consistent in quality, since I'm not drinking (nor did I smoke weed last night, but that was by the grace of God, because He knows I looked for it a couple times).
So, maybe the money will flow consistently.
This is the 18th day of the juice fast. I am still waiting for all of the "chronic" soreness to go out of my neck. I notice that I tense those muscles up when I take a drag off a cigarette, something that I might not have (noticed) had I not reached this state of detoxification.
*I am throwing a bit of change, here and there into my current version of the "4%" jar, which I once put into practice. It is a 1% jar at this point.
I am seriously thinking of getting the 45 dollar, 25 watt speakers at Wal-Mart; which I could plug right into my laptop and then be able to listen to my extensive music library while walking around the apartment, not tethered to headphones.
They would make it easier to learn new songs by playing along to them, without having to do so with one cup of the headphones half off one ear, to balance the guitar with the music.
And they would make it easier for me to gauge how my own mix downs are going to sound through peoples stereos.
Mixing music through headphones so that it will sound good through loudspeakers is probably beyond the scope of my ability. I think even most recording studios have huge speakers as monitors, which they will crank up upon playback, to mimic the levels that the end consumer might listen at. 
25 watts sounds like a decent amount of volume for the square footage of my place, and the low to moderate leakiness of the walls here.
The only thing hindering me is the knowledge that there are always going to be better deals on Craigs List, or E-Bay.
Walking into Wal-Mart and plunking down the full retail price makes me feel like I am being impatient, umpulsive and paying for instant gratification, rather than waiting 3 to 5 days for the shipping of the same speakers at half the price.
 Same thing with a juicer. Wal-Mart has one for just under 50 bucks.
The healthy way for me to come off this fast, whenever I do (tonight will make 18 days) would be to start by juicing raw vegetables and fruits.

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Alex said...

Many boom boxes have an input that would allow you to plug your computer in, plus you'd be able to listen to the radio.