Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I'm Going Out There!

Wish me luck.
I am famished upon this 9th day without eating; but; upon this 9th day without drinking booze; I feel a calm within my soul.
A calm within my soul...
He Who Doesn't Work Doesn't Eat (at least not off the government)
I made it to my appointment at exactly 10PM this morning, no thanks to Tim, my caseworker, who offered me a ride, and then took about 4 wrong turns, trying to find the place (we almost wound up in Mississippi). I could have beaten us there on foot LOL!
More distressing news: I am now scheduled, based upon my stellar performance on the reading test (48 out of 50), to enroll in their job training classes; which start on June 1st.
They run for 10 consecutive days!!
They run from 9AM until 3PM for 10 consecutive days!
There is a 45 minute lunch break in the middle.
How it is going to require 60 hours to teach me how to find a job is beyond me. That's what I get for knowing how to read and comprehend. D'oh!
And, should they find a suitable job (above minimum wage) and I refuse to take it; I lose my benefits. I would then have no minimum wage job AND no food card. And, if I fall below 30 hours per week; there will be consequences...
This is a backlash from having been given a Unity apartment, I am sure.
But, they don't know about the busking, which is under the table, and figure that I am just sitting around doing nothing all day.
No Pets
It is time for me to think about upping my ante; getting the amp and microphone working; putting together a stage setup -a rug, a stool, an umbrella over my head, a bunch of Mardi Gras trinkets to adorn my case, humorous signs, etc. and a cart to tote it all; and then try to make enough money that I can tell them to stuff their minimum wage 30+ hours a week job where the sun doesn't shine; like under my umbrella.
That would free me up to travel, also.
Now Playing
I am thinking that it would be cool to have like a huge Rolodex of placards showing a picture of the artist, the song title, and a brief descriptive paragraph about the song "....This is the song that John Lennon was working on in the studio the night he was murdered..." type of thing.
It (the Rolodex) could go under the head of: "Now Playing," and I could flip the cards to whatever song I was doing. I could have one card with just my picture and the words "One Of My Originals" on it. Not as good as a dog, but I'm not sure that I am allowed pets at the Sacred Heart Apartments...


alex carter said...

Yep I'm with you on this, how dare you get yourself under a roof?

I've been qualified for food stamps most of the years since 2007, but only got them when I lived with one friend because he made it a requirement that I get them - and the weather kills people there.

Other than that, it's far too much work and WORRY for at most a couple hundred bucks a month. If I needed the money that bad, I could always go out and panhandle for a few days. With much much less worry!

Of course my go-to is peddling "awareness ribbon" pins if I'm really hard up for money, and my main ways to make money are the job part-time I have working for my friend, and my trumpet busking (except I've not been out lately as I've been essentially "woodshedding" to up my game before I go back out there.)

Alex said...

Hmm, generally when you've not posted for a week, you've gone IN there, by which I mean jail.