Sunday, May 3, 2015

Maybe You Didn't Hear What I Said

And, so, I woke up this morning and had to check to see what day it was and what time it was.
It was 2:50 PM.
I ran to the store; where I was skeezed for a cigarette and a dollar; and where I bought a pint of rum; which I was skeezed for a shot of as soon as I stepped out of the door.
It is almost unfathomable how, on the first of the month; when all of the riff raff get their free money; which they think is a boon, but is really an insult; that I would be skeezed by anyone.
I didn't really feel like playing; once again, after drinking and then hanging out and then almost passing out, but then coming to and realizing that it was a prime night for busking and forcing myself to just go out and see what might happen; with the fall-back of, I can just turn around and come back to the apartment, if things don't go well.
I went out and played fairly well; although I don't play as well drunk and am only doing it because I can get away with it; and I did; to the tune of about 22 dollars in a couple hours. It was not what I would expect to make if I were at my best; but it is just the way things are going now.
I don't know if Johnny left a spirit behind when he left my apartment; but I have had a hankering to try heroin lately....
I think he left a spirit behind..

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