Friday, June 19, 2015

4:31 PM, Friday

47 Dollar Thursday

The 27 dollar Wednesday night was followed by last nights one and a half hours of playing yielding the above amount.
The dollars/hour rate has spiked above $20 the past week or so.
The only things I can attribute this to is either A: I have been lucky enough to have been visited by at least one generous tipper each of the past few nights.
B: I am playing with the attitude, which has been slow to set in, of "If I don't like what I see out here, I'll just get right back on that trolley and go home," and that has unwittingly aligned me more with the "just trying to knock back a few and enjoy my vacation; maybe sing 'Beast of Burden,' by The Rolling Stones at the top of my lungs at some point, you know..." attitude of the typical tourist.
C: The later time-slot that I have been playing due to mismanagement of time and the resultant "arriving late for work" that has been plaguing me lately is actually a more lucrative time-frame.
D: I'm finally getting the hang of the harmonic.

Now, I would like to go and get a battery for the Snark guitar tuner. It's one of those little round disk shaped ones and I'm hoping it won't be much at the corner store, where I will also grab a 4 dollar bottle of red wine, to hopefully shield me from cheap vodka throughout the night.

The full light of the summer solstice which is just a day away is charging my solar light in the parking lot right now. Having the thing (that I paid $10 for) stolen is one of my biggest worries. Not bad; when that is one of your biggest worries...


Alex said...

Is that photo of your apartment? Gross! What's that on the floor? Mold? Dead roaches??

Daniel McKenna said...

That on the floor is my brand new rug which I hauled about a quarter mile over my shoulder; the rug probably has that interesting artwork on it to mask the real thing (mold and roaches) though....

Alex said...

I enlarged the picture and realized the pattern has a pattern to it lol.

So the roaches and shit are a more subtle thing...

Idea! Idea! The Snark may be helping you because it has a very active, colorful display, I know, I have one. So, what if you get some blinky LED shit like a string around your hat, a ring around your tip jar, etc.?

The problem with guitar is its so quiet. T can help a lot to have a visual show as well. You could seriously hit the inside of your guitar with some white spray paint (put masking tape around the outside of the hole etc) and that would make one or more LED thing you put inside show up well.