Saturday, June 6, 2015

Turn On The Juice

Vicarious Thrill Day
I made only about 5 bucks Friday night, after having returned from the Wal-Mart where 5ths of tequila were on a certain discount cart at 6 dollars each.
I was unable to turn on the juice, I grabbed a bottle.
And the stuff is not bad at all; comparable to Jose Cuervo.
I am waiting to go see the horse race somewhere, hopefully at the store down the street.
I now have a solar powered light, which was the main objective of my mission in going to the Wal-Mart.
The light is charging in the courtyard here -stuck into the ground with the handy plastic spike base in use; with its considerable (4" X 4") solar panel skyward, to catch this almost summer solstice sunlight.
I had trouble figuring the light out, and the staff at Wal-Mart took the easy way out and bullshitted me about the light.
I bought the first light Friday, and then went outside the store and concealed the thing in a spot where it would be getting direct sunlight for the hour or so that I was to go back into the store to grab produce and a 10 pound bag of potatoes.
When I checked the light, after almost 2 hours of sunlight, there was absolutely nothing coming from the L.E.D.
I argued that, if the battery had gotten any kind of charge at all, should I not see at least a feable glow.
"It takes about 8 hours to charge," said one particular blue shirted, name tag wearing very heavyset Wal-Mart employee, taking charge.
"Unless there is some kind of gate which keeps the light off until the charge on the battery reaches a certain voltage," I said.
I switched the light out and only this morning discovered that there is indeed kind of a gate which keeps the battery charging as long as there is light hitting the photo cells. When I placed my hand over the solar panel, effectively blocking out all the light; the spotlight came on, and was pretty bright.
So I figured the light out without the help of the Wal-Mart guy whose department "that is."
If I see him again I will fortify him with the knowledge of how the lights work. They only work in the dark; unless you cover up the photo cells, pretty cool. I hope none of these skeezers steal my light from where it is innocently charging in the courtyard.
So, now it is out in the yard charging, and will continue to do so all the way through the horse race where history might be made...
Now that I think of it; history is made every second; just boring history that nobody cares about. I just scratched my head. That was history.

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