Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Race For The Trolley

11 Dollar Saturday
All of the trolley drivers are black, and I have noticed that, when they are beginning to pull off and a black person is spotted running towards it; trying to catch it; that driver will invariably stop and reopen the doors to admit that person; even if it means letting him board in the middle of a busy intersection where the thing might be holding up traffic.

Last night, as I raced toward the thing, making sure that I could see the drivers head in the side-view mirror (so he could see me) and was within a few yards of catching up to it; the thing just pulled away, leaving me to wait another 20 minutes for the next one.

There is no way the driver didn't see me; and if he didn't, he shouldn't be driving a trolley because he is a danger to run over someone whom he doesn't notice.

I have heard the same complaint from other white people.

Can't we all just get along???

I continue to sing and play at a high level, as I am working on my 6th day sober.
I plan upon intensive vocal practice sessions singing along with Elvis Costello and perhaps Brian Sipe of R.E.M, at the beginning of the coming week.

It felt good to have 11 people tell me that I sounded good last night with my brand new strings, to the tune of one dollar each, as I played for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

This means that I will most certainly be back at it this (Sunday) night.


The juice fasting continues, and I haven't drank alcohol in what will become 6 days at midnight tonight.

I weathered the temptation to do so during my trip to the music store yesterday. My mouth was watering over the thought of a bottle of red wine.

I am going to try to grow an avocado.

The 50 bucks that I made Friday and Saturday has been whittled down, as follows:

A bottle of Simply Apple juice ($4.80)
Repaying loan to the Unique Grocery ($1.50)
Trolley Home ($1.25)
Repaying loan to Howard ($3.50)
Perrier water ($1.50)
All day bus pass ($3.00)
2 NRG drinks ($3.25)
Guitar strings ($6.54)
Guitar string pegs ($3.00)
A gallon of distilled water ($1.08)
A bag of potting soil ($1.08)
A newspaper (.75)
Toothpaste ($1.08)
Dish washing liquid ($1.08)

This leaves about 18 bucks in my pocket and my food card is down to about 21 bucks with 13 days to go in the month. There just wouldn't have been, it turns out, much money for alcohol if I had been drinking (especially factoring in that I most likely would have made less than the 50 bucks had I been smashed).
I guess I will busk some tonight...
And after I do my laundry, I will hang it to dry in my apartment, saving $1.25.

Sluggish Skin Recovery
It is a good time to live on distilled water at about a dollar a day. I drink apple juice when I am busking, because one can become a bit too weak on water alone.

I am waiting for my skin to totally clear up and will try to stay on the fast until it is almost there.
There is a balance between stopping the intake of toxins by fasting and supplying the needed nutrition for the repairing of the damaged skin.

The fasting is like the demolition or "gutting" of a building; while the healthy diet is like the restoration of the inside of that building.

I am still trying to figure out what caused my eczema to flair up after I had gone 18 days without food, but then had the dry rash come back with a vengeance, soon after I started eating and drinking again. Especially after years of excellent health on pretty much the same diet.

I would hate to think that I am allergic to my free apartment, and need to move back into the great outdoors with its fresh air and its stimulation of the survival instinct which raises adrenaline levels in the blood. Maybe when I was homeless I was in "fight" mode; and in my cozy apartment I am in "flee" mode...

Exercise has seemed to help; on the adrenaline tip...

One theory I have is that, perhaps the whole tilapia fish that I started eating daily along with the fruits and vegetables that I juiced may have come from the waters near the "BP" gulf oil spill, and since I was baking and eating them whole; skin and all; and eating the skin, I may have been absorbing something.

Another theory is that maybe the carrots that I was juicing in abundance; because they are so cheap; had some kind of pesticide in their outer skin (which I never took the time to scrape off).

And yet another theory is that maybe one particular molar that has cracked in my right lower jaw has allowed a lead based filling to come in contact with my flesh, causing lead to bleed into my system. The rash seems to spring forth from the throat area, with soreness in my "small spine" area in the back of my neck.

The only way to test that last theory would be to go ahead and have the tooth pulled, as was suggested by the last dentist that I saw, about 8 months ago, now; the one who suggested that I have all of my teeth pulled out.

I am procrastinating upon that; and probably will procrastinate until such a time that questions like: "Then, how am I going to eat?" have been answered to my satisfaction (does medicaide cover dentures?) or until such a time that I develop a toothache bad enough to keep me awake at night.
And then, the last theory is that cigarette smoking is the cause.

I'm going to go with the contaminated fish or carrot theory, since everything else on the list, I have been doing for years with no such problems. Whatever it is; it seems to get all the way into my spinal fluid, in order to irritate my brain stem so; and in order to linger.

It used to be that I could eat a whole bag of corn chips with hot salsa and flush out, in one day, some ill advised meal that I might have eaten... 

You readers remember the decadence festival, don't you?

Come September

September will usher in the Southern Decadence Festival; which is pretty much a gay event; and which has annually fallen upon the first week of the month and has fallen right into my hands, so to speak, as I play at the Lilly Pad, which is in the heart of the gay half of the Quarter. It is only Lafitts Blacksmith Shop Tavern (a must see tourist stop) that brings the straights anywhere near me.

It is my time to shine.

And to polish up my David Bowie, Elton John, Boy George, George Michaels etc. material so it shines, along with me.

God let me be three weeks sober by then; I will make a killing.

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