Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lentil Coconut Soup

3 Days Sober In Books
Now, it is early Sunday morning.

About The Cartoon
The cartoon was done off of a tiny photo that a young lady took of me off of a very small, yet Polaroid camera. It was about the size of a bar of soap and the picture that came out was a little bit smaller than a bar of soap.
I became impatient after about 3 hours of working on it, as evidenced by how I just drew "anything" to represent my left arm. Fingers take a long time and I had about had it at that point. I can always load it into Microsoft Paint and fix the arm and hand. Or I can bullshit some artistic reason for it being that way.
Saturday morning, I arrived home and prepared and ate the coconut/lentil soup. I would have to say that my reaction to the dish is mixed. I suspect that the yin and yang of mixing lentils with coconut milk is perhaps not an optimal formula.

I was still up when the sun rose this morning, and decided to stay up and listen to the LSU vs. Syracuse college football game, which was being broadcast over the local radio station, and which was an "early" game, a phenomenon that was augmented by the fact of the one hour time difference between here and Syracuse, making the kickoff of the game within a couple hours of the time that I had decided to snap my radio on, to see what they may have been saying about the games on the morning sports show.

I had gotten a newspaper, to go along with coffee and coconut lentil soup, and its sports page had peaked my interest in the LSU game.

I learned that Syracuse has a long tradition of excellent football programs and can boast Jim Brown, Jim Nance, and Larry Czonka among its products.

I was also intrigued by the local announcers forgone conclusion that LSU was going to win the game, touting the talent level of the LSU players as being one of the best in the nation, and repeatedly stating that Syracuse just wasn't a very good team (compared to them).

The point spread in the paper had LSU as a 24 1/2 point favorite.

This was such a classic setup for an upset, that I couldn't pull myself away from the broadcast as LSU repeatedly shot itself in the foot by committing penalties, and Syracuse hung in tenaciously.

The "LSU football network" announcers, at one point in the second quarter actually said that in their opinions, LSU should be ahead by at least 14 points at that point in the game, being that Syracuse was not a very good team. They had won their first 3 games, but they were over teams with names such as "Central Michigan," and "Wake Forest."

So, I was hooked into listening to the game and secretly rooting for Syracuse.

It kept me up until about 2 PM, when I finally went to sleep and slept until almost 9 PM, about a half hour before I usually try to start at the Lilly Pad.

I had paid Howard back 2 dollars out of the 26 that I had left from Friday, night, spent another buck and a quarter doing my laundry as I listened to the game, took the trolley into the Quarter, spent 2 bucks on an energy drink, ran into David the waterjug player and tuned his guitar; and bought a 5 dollar nugget of bud when a guy walked past with such while I was doing it; then ran into Tim the violin player, whom I repaid the 5 bucks that I owed him, and finally made it to the Lilly Pad, but not after spending 7 bucks on a pack of cigarettes that had me starting out with about 7 bucks.
A reprint of "Turtle On Its Back On The Rim Of A Volcano"

17 Dollar Saturday

Getting to the Lilly Pad at about midnight, and playing until about 1:45 AM yielded the above amount. I spent about 6 bucks on food and returned here on the trolley; past 3 days sober, now, and with plenty of energy for writing and cartooning.

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